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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by dapperdunn, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. The piece quotes Cameron as saying "the people we pick up and the people we deal with are taken to the nearest safe country - most likely Italy - and don't have immediate recourse to claim asylum in the UK."

    Bet Italy will love that.

    The only solution is turn them around and sink the boats (after all the migrants are back on their home soil obviously).
  2. Er... isn't saving life part of what we do?
  3. I have to say "the people we pick up and the people we deal with" grates a bit.

    It may well be justified to claim some credit for the work the RN gets involved with on the grounds that the Government has taken the actual decision to deploy the ships, helos and personnel.

    But I also remember the then 1SL being bollocked by the PM for pointing out potential overstretch in the Libyan operation - "You do the fighting, we do the talking."
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'm only surprised there hasn't been an incident whereby some IS loons pose as refugees to seize an unwary war canoe carrying out the humanitarian role.
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  5. Call me Dave was only too keen to get the UK involved in deposing Gadafi back in 2011. After what had happened in Iraq after Sadam was booted out no-one imagined that the same would happen again in Libya it seems. So it would appear that the UK should bear some of the blame for the influx of migrants from Africa after dethroning the one person who might have stopped them and causing the political unrest which the migrants are fleeing from.
    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
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  6. Hence me saying "after all the migrants are back on their home soil obviously".

    I have no issue with saving lives.

    I do have an issue with people trafficking, encouraging people trafficking and paying taxes for the privilege.

    Harsh as it may sound, aiding these migrants in their perilous journey across the Med only makes the prospect of doing so more attractive to them and ultimately further increases to the ability of people smugglers get rich and profit from the misery/poverty/desperation of the poor souls willing to risk their lives.

    The only way to get the message across is take the boats back, put the migrants ashore and destroy the boats.

    As Ninja stated, it is only a matter of time before some fundamentalist with a vest loaded full of C4 is "rescued" only to reduce himself and many others to nothing more than a stain and a news headline.
  7. He also stated he'd send two border patrol vessels, what would those be then, the Rivers I presume.
  8. I live on the coast in Southern Spain and the problem is very bad here too. The numbers dying are sometimes in the 20s or 30s as it seems that once the large inflatables they use are in sight of land, they just cut them free and hope for the best. These things are huge and overloaded and have no engine.

    That said, when they are caught (I believe) the Guardia Civil check them out and then put them on a boat straight back across to Morocco.

    The towns have a lot of illegals who 'work' as looky looky men, selling tat on the streets. Last time I was out for a meal on the sea front, and this is still the low season, we had 18 of these 'vendors' coming to our table. They don't seem to understand that NO means NO and F off!

    Spain allegedly has a very sophisticated radar and camera system to spot them coming over run by the Guardia Civil SIVE. (Can't remember what SIVE means, Surveillence ......?)
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  10. wonder how the crabs will turn this to their PR advantage.
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  11. But this has been going on ad infinitum! Cubans escaping from communist regime heading for the US, Post WW2 European Jews heading for Israel, the constant flow from North Africa into Southern Europe ... Moroccans were trying to get into Gibraltar when I was there in the 80's and it was a big problem then .. Chinese heading for Taiwan ... and them all aided and abetted by some sharp characters with a boat big enough to cram a few 100 on and make a buck or two. I seem to remember reading a book about the Jews heading for Israel and if they were caught by the blockade they were returned to country of origin and the boat sunk. OK the IS loons etc haven't been helping matters and perhaps these days with instant media coverage has made it more "in our face" but as usual we don't seem to have learnt from history.
  12. MGM - you are right about people having been involved in escaping from persecution etc for years.

    The Pilgrim Fathers?
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  13. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Up to 6 billion people living in the shitty parts of the world would like to live in the better bits that support a billion. One day all of planet Earth will be shitty.

    The boat people kick off when they find themselves in an Italian compound getting 3 meals a day. If they were as aggressive, shouty and demanding in their countries of origin, they could create change, not the spare kind. But that would require graft.

    Which brings me to; where do they get the several thousand required to pay the ferryman?
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  14. Selling the daughter/sister/mother into prostitution/slavery??? Mind if the Italians have to start putting migrants in camps and feeding the 3 square a day they are going to start kicking off as well. Perhaps the Aussies have it right ... don't let them set foot on land and ship them straight back from whence they came and sink the ship they were on ... got to admit its a debatable point but doesn't solve the issues in the country of origin. All the UN can do is put sanctions in place i.e. trade embargo but all that serves to do is make things worse for the populace and so they try to escape ... and round we go again!
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  15. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think that the Aussie's have the right idea
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  16. Well it is another example of where MPA capability would be rather useful...
  17. Let's hope that someone is listening to Chris Parry.

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  18. Tow the boats back to Libya, disembark ALL passengers, tow the boats out to sea and sink them.
  19. They could use a fleet of Nimrods for SAR duty.... wait a minute :(

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