Thats it, I'm old!



I have noticed over the last few months that I am having to move my watch further and further away in order to be able to read the time on it, until it got to the stage where my arm wasn't long enough!!!

So, off to specsavers I trotted last week and find out, what I already knew really, that I need reading glasses as I am long sighted.

So thats it, I am officially old (and a specky git)!!!!!
:glasses1: 8) :fucyc: :cry: :glasses8: :sad1: :read: :cool:
Next it will be, please read the line at the bottom of the sheet..

A 8 M H B 0 K R A O

K L I N O A L R 1 2 3

. . . . . . . . . . . ?

Crap! :sign6:
I'm desperately holding off "that" visit to Specsavers. I've told Mrs Flymo that I did a self test in our local Boots and was fine ...
@ 59 the only trouble I have is with the very small print on packageing, solution?, bought a magnifying glass from hardware store for 85p. . :brushteeth:
I've worn glasses ever since I was 11 years old. During my release medical from Cochrane, I had to go out into the corridor and was told to take my glasses off and read the sight board. "What board?" says I.
Just to reiterate what Sweetpea wrote:

Men in a nice pair of glasses are very attractive! Gives them a slightly bookish, "geek with a naughty glint in their eye" sexiness.

=-) ^_~
I just stroll into the room with my aviators on and all the females faint. :sex:

I wish.. :geek:
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