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Time in Saudi (actual) 15:30
Time in UK 13:30
Just had a call from the wife, that my Son Scott is now on the train heading for Plymouth. ETA 17:30 ish. Four tonne truck? to H.M.S. Raleigh. That's him in the Mob boys. 8)


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good choice, he's not going to have a drama getting decent paid work when he leaves with something like that behind him. Not that I profess to be an expert.
Best of British to the lad.


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Don't think there would be much use for an Old X Big OD,
however, one thing I am intersted to find out is the first three on his offical number. Watch this space.... 8)
Best of luck to him - in 5 weeks time that will be mine going in - making my old man feel very old. Poor kid is having non stop dits and well meaning advice at the moment - think he will be relieved to go so that Dad will give it a rest!


My youngest daughter Claire joined the RAF 2 years ago, so proud at her passing out parade at Keogh Barracks , so best of luck & good fortune to Scott , 8)
Mine joined up in March and as someone said on here I think he was glad to get away from me and my old dits...In My Day etc etc !!

But when he passed out from Raleigh I thought I was going to burst from pride,so whatever it takes please ensure you get your ass down for the passing out parade.Brings back all the memories of Ganges when they started to play Hearts Of Oak.

Off to Collingwood on Oct 6th for the passing out parade of sorts when he completes his ET(WE) Course


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Just back in from offshore. Called the wife and she tells me that all his kit has been issued. He has signed the dotted line and he is loving it. He was talking to his mother a few nights ago and had to sign-off quick as it was ten-thirty and he had to go to sleep.
But all is well so far....more as it happens. 8)

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