Thatcher's birthday

Far and away the best Prime Minister this country has had since Churchill and Attlee. Regardless of what others will say, I still think that the charge on individuals for local services was a vast improvement on the rating system that it replaced, and had it not been for the epithet "poll tax" which was attached to it, would have had a more favourable reception, and proved to be fairer and more popular than the current shambolic system.

(Just MY opinion Finks:|)

Happy Birthday M'lady, and many more of them.



Lantern Swinger
Yep a Brilliant leader. I wasn't always a fan of her politics but at least she had the courage of her convictions and you could rely on her word if she said she was going to do something. Last I heard she was suffering from dementia I hope that isn't true. I hope she is enjoying life.

Happy Birthday Ma'am! :thumbup:
He's out canvassing for Wee Eck, last seen running down the road with his face painted blue yelling "Freedom", he's also got an arrow stuck in his arse for dramatic effect!
Does that mean we get to hang, draw and quarter the cunt when this is all over?
The Platinum lady: Margaret Thatcher still perfectly coiffed on her 87th birthday | Mail Online

Happy birthday Maggie.............or as Guzzler would say..........'Not long to go now!'
Not looking bad for an old lady, she was not nick named the Iron lady for nothing.
I saw a program about politician when Maggie was still the boss, the idea was on truth, they asked a bunch of Politian’s simple questions, like what’s your favorite fish? Maggie was the only one to give truthful answers without trying to put some other agenda answer forward.
Heard it said she was a workaholic who only took 4 hour kip a day that takes some doing?
My misses wrote her a letter re use being sent to the Falkland’s she received back what appeared to be a personal reply
Happy birthday:1::biggrin:
With Rummers away, too, the absence of the sublime to the ridiculous at the same time serves to maintain some kind of equilibrium don't you think?

Incidentally - They were both sighted lurking in the background on the recent Antiques Road Show; Finks was trying to get a valuation for a cartload of his copies of "The Red Sailor" whilst Rummers was busy signing 'em all. :wink:
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