Thatcher rallying call to troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wompingwillow, Jun 13, 2007.

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  1. Is she still alive? I thought I'd msised the street parties in Rotherham, but they cannot have started yet...
  2. Very nice of her....but I did thank her for sending me down to the Falklands in '82!!

    Tomorrow I shall just get p1ssed (anniversary of cease fire..) and raise a glass or two...........
  3. Apparently there not going to put up a statue to her when she goes but have her stuffed and mounted instead.
  4. Love her or hate her I'm sure you'll agree, if that spineless cnut BLiar had bollox half as big as Maggie, we wouldnt be in the shite were in now!!

    She would have sorted Dubya out no probs!!
  5. Couldn't agree more Spenny. At least one Prime Minister is proud of us and what we do.
  6. I agree, she had the bollocks to buy a Rover.
  7. Also Concur - Bl00dy good leader (Though a little bit too right wing for my liking)

    ...Sorted the unions out as well :thumright:
  8. At least someone has the foresight to thank our Troops past and present!Havent heard Tone do much in that direction with any conviction!
  9. Me to !!
  10. sorry but hats off to her--- more balls than our current , and the next in line !!
  11. what an amazing woman and leader
    could show todays spineless generation a thing or too
  12. Geez you guys - you're all assuming that he actually has bollocks!! I don't think it's ever been proven. Come to think of it there is no proof he has a spine either.

  13. Perhaps we could do a PM on the PM to find out.
  14. Have to agree with spenny, at least Maggie is proud of and the work we do, not heard that from the present PM

    I will be raising a glass or ten tonight, remembering all those that did not make it home.
  15. Maybe not Spenny - wern't her and Reagan an item???
  16. How very dare you!!
  17. WindyMiller. Mrs T and Ronald R did, indeed, get on very well together. She didn't even remotely grovel and toady to him, though. I do believe that he actually used to take notice of what she thought. No similarity with the current temporary occupant of No 10.
  19. Whilst I think Maggie was great and no comparison to the spineless twunt we have now!

    Lets not forget that prior to the Falklands she and her cronies were looking to slash the RN to the core a bit like Tony Bliar is currently trying right now!!

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