Thatcher back home

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Nov 1, 2010.

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  1. Oh dear the 'Iron Lady' is looking a wee bit fragile.

  2. Pity it's not a Funeral home. :evil:
    Standing by.
  3. I thought you meant here...

  4. Aye It might be time to go down the cellar and bring up that bottle of Laphroig that's been gathering dust.

  6. In due course. :)
  7. Thatcher whatever you think about her rid this country
    of the title sick man of europe when unions ruled and held govts to ransom.
    Her and major paid off the national debt then along comes Blair and cripples this country.
    I was in the mob when Callahan was pm and before Wilson.
    Forces pay was rock botom. Thatcher gave huge pay rises and made it a decent living
  8. Hmm will it be a state funeral or will she opt for the private sector(her way) and put the funeral out to the lowest bid.A private waste disposal company and shove her in a landfill site. 8)
  9. The Mall will be lined by the readership of the Daily wail and Country Life no doubt if option one is picked.

    I see from finks link she had two weeks in a hospital for flu, even going private that's pretty generous. I wonder if other pensioners get the same treatment?
    Somehow I think not. :roll:
  10. Unfortunately she has replaced it with a shallow, greedy embarrassment in the eyes of Europe and much of the rest of the world.

    This country is now devoid of any real contemporary culture other than that splashed all over cheap magazines and the 'celebrity' of foul and talentless morons who follow her credo of financial gain being more important than anything else.

    'Her whole philosophy was that you measured the price of everything and the value of nothing'

    A vile woman whose awful legacy will hang over this country for decades.

    Don't think we're going to see eye-to-eye on this one johne :wink:
  11. Nice one :wav:
  12. The Country Life set (those that inherit their furniture)Daily Wail set arse liking wonerbees :wink:
  13. Yes and just prior to the Falklands kicking off who's Government was it that was going to cut the Armed Forces particularly the RN to ribbons?
    It has been suggested that Thatch and Notts decision to proceed with the cuts encouraged the Argentines into going ahead with their invasion of the FIs.
  14. So the situation has improved. Has it ?
    Every successes gov has cut the armed forces whatever there colour.
    It do'nt get votes to increase spending.
  15. Maggie?

    Like Marmite - Either loved or hated with not many on the fence like Guzzler.

    She certainly spelled it out correctly here though:

    "I think we've been through a period where too many people have been given to understand that if they have a problem, it's the government's job to cope with it. 'I have a problem, I'll get a grant.' 'I'm homeless, the government must house me.'

    They're casting their problem on society. And, you know, there is no such thing as society.

    There are individual men and women, and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look to themselves first.

    It's our duty to look after ourselves and then, also to look after our neighbour.

    People have got the entitlements too much in mind, without the obligations.

    There's no such thing as entitlement, unless someone has first met an obligation."

    Prime minister Margaret Thatcher, talking to Women's Own magazine, October 31 1987
  16. Glad you agree she wasn't quite the friend of the Forces as your first post on this thread suggests. :roll:
  17. I love the way the state of our country is still blamed on Margaret Thatcher by some. The same people who would seem to be left of centre, who voted Blair and Co into power in 1998. Blair and Brown obviously didn't have enough time to undo all of Thatcher's deeds - 13 tears was long enough to bankrupt the country and enter 2 wars and completely deregulate the City, but obviously they needed more time.

    I am not old enough to remember much of the Thatcher years, but I do find it distasteful that some can seemingly find joy in the fact that an elderly lady whose husband died several years ago is sick. She went to a private hospital - just as Mr Blair did for his dodgy heartbeat (a procedure not funded in the NHS, by the way).

    I think a lot if criticism of Baroness Thatcher is tribal politics, and that is quite sad.
  18. It has also been said that the real reason for the invasion was a Hitler-esque attempt to deflect growing public discontent at the way the Argentine government (Junta) was handling the economy etc by doing something that would be guaranteed to unite the country.

    The Argentinians had pretty much the same opinion as the rest of the world with regard to the UK's ability to "do anything about it" with or without the defence cuts being laid on the table at the time - it just wasn't possible!
  19. I'm with you mate - a voice of sanity compared to some of the other ridiculous posts on this thread.

  20. A lot of the present politicos, of whatever party, learned their trade and cut their teeth during the Thatcher years; hardly a surprise that her influence is still obvious and tallked about.
    A lot of what happened during those years helped to seal a lot of peoples political opinions including my own. I say seal and not form.

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