That took Some Bloody Guts!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by trelawney126, Nov 7, 2009.

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  1. Sure did mate....what a woman..good luck to her.
  2. 65 devices in 5 months, sleep safe mate, that was one hell of a thing you did
  3. Just seen a thread on ARRSE that she's lost her job..made redundant.
    Poster quotes sky news but I can't find anything. If it is true.... its a real bummer.... and I think I've got problems !
  4. I agree wholeheartedly.

    What a brave woman.
  5. She should team up with Joanna Lumley and form a government !
  6. Yesterday I made my annual visit to my local war memorial (bish went on and on then went back to Raleigh to molest a couple of choirboys). Had a pint or three of good Cornish Rattler and a free pasty in the Old Comrades Club, beside me at the bar were two immaculately dressed Royal Marines neither was over the age of 25 both had 2 Afghan campaign medals and Iraq 2003 plus a couple of others I didn't recognise and I didn't want to stare. They made me so fecking proud and havind watched a documentary the previous night on WW1 and listened to the words of Private Harry Patch it made me realise just how proud I am to be British, Afghanistan is not popular and is probably unwinable but we should hold our heads high that our fighting forces truly are the best in the world ill equipped yes do they do it for Blair or Brown no fecking way, lets just be proud of them all and feel so very sad about the poor relatives of the guys who don't make it home god bless them.
  7. Very humbling - and a source of huge pride that we have such people serving in the armed forces and standing by them on the home front as well.

    A sad loss for all of us - this debt we owe to such people (him AND her) can never be repaid but we should never stop trying to do so.
  8. Yes mate silly uniforms, pampered lifestyle, and definately not us, but christ don't they know how to fight............ and die. :cry:

    And YES to all your above.
  9. A brave man, and a very brave widow. Makes me even more proud of the services that I was.
  10. R.I.P fella. Brave brave woman.

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