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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Topstop, Jun 20, 2010.

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  1. Walked through a low door yesterday 182.75cm. high, I`m 183cm,

    I`ve smacked my swede on many pipes, EBS couplings and valves etc. on board many times but this is the first time I`ve ever scalped my self. taking a chunk of skin off the top of my head about 50mm x 25mm. the resultant dressing on the wound makes me look as if I have converted to the Jewish persuasion.

    Now my question is, What is the best way to cook it? it has started to dry out and looks like a pork scraching.

    Should I roast or fry it and what seasoning should I use as I dont want to spoil it as I have no intention of a repeating the perfomance.

    Also would I allowed to eat it, in my new relgion, as I can find no referance in "Vayikra" the third book of the "Torah"(Leviticus) ?
  2. If it's got hair on it, I'll have it, my head needs re-turfing.
  3. If it had hair on it wouldnt look like a pork scraching, although there was once a packet that......., and I would have stappled it back on my self.
  4. Well it probably doesn't look much like a pork scraching, I mean 50mm x 25mm..that's too big, maybe it looks like some pork crackling[/b :wink:
  5. Drop it in simmering salt water for 15 seconds; remove hair then drop in ice water to prevent them continuing to cook and getting chewy. Pat dry, then drop in smoked paprika m shake off and drop in chill-infused paprika.

    Serve with parasol mushrooms and drink with a very dry chilled sherry.

  6. JJ is the authority on the preparation of human flesh, but there may be something in here under "Heads, parts of, for the use of"

  7. Mmmm, there was no hair on it, but to cover with paprika is a tad OTT. and likely to over power the subtle flavours.

    The Fino is chilling as I type. 8)
  8. Man up and just wolf the fcuker down raw. If you want to make a meal of it serve it with a green salad.
  9. Sorry, not making myself clear (I was masturbating as I typed). After a light dusting of smoked paprika shake off the excess and fry quickly in chilli-infused olive oil.

    Fino would be grand, however I prefer Amontillado, as it complements the smokiness of the paprika.

    Each to their own I suppose :wink:
  10. .... and to avoid catching the odd strands of hair between your teeth be sure to remove the same beforehand.

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