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A comment on another thread, I thank you, I believe was a catch phrase used by the WW2 comedien Arthur Askey. So many of the radio sayings were used in every day language during that period and they were great morale boosters as well as a good laugh. TTFN was another that lived on after the war and I believe is still used. Anyone recall other sayings from that time or are you concerned it may reveal your vintage. Although I was a nipper in those days I remember how people looked after each other and it was great to be British. The good old days indeed,



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Lots of these catch phrases around in the 50s/60s

Tommy Cooper "Just like That"
Dave Allan used to end his shows with "May your god go with you"
Billy Cotton the band leader "Wakey Wakey!"
and finally from Blue Peter "Look what I've just made from a pair of Vals old nickers"

Not quite sure about the last one


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Arthur Askey - 'ello playmates!
Terry Thomas - You Shower!Absolute Shower!
Frankie Howerd - No!Missus!Dont titter!
Tommy Trinder - Now 'eres a funny thing!


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A few dits for your attention.

"She was only the bandmasters daughter but she certainly hummed around ragtime!!
"She was only the rear admirals daughter but her navel base was always full of discharged seamen"
"She was only the fishmongers daughter but she laid on her back and told him to fillet"
May your balls turn square and fester at the corners
may your earholes turn to ********* and shit all over your shoulders

I have many more for your attention, i'm a londoner who comes from a long line of londoners and worked as a "barra" boy when i was a kid so interracted with a side of london that is now unfortunately gone. I'll think of a few more when i'm more sober. Mange tout and RIP those lads that unfortunately didn't make it today.


Bobby Tomson , [The little Waster] , Geordie comedien , fxxxxxxxxg brilliant , sadly now not with us , used to PMSL :D, cant seem to spell tomson correctly , does'nt look right , :roll:
Max Miller "Ea'r lady do you want one from the blue book or the white book"

"I would not walk across the road to piss down your throat if your heart was on fire" Good for Tarffic Wardens.

rosinacarley said:
Thats because you are too busy thinking of me in my great coat!

Try an 'H' after the 'T' and a 'P' after the 'M'

How come you RNR bods wore greatcoats whilst the rest of us wore thin blazers? Surely comfort should be the prerogative of age and experience (or in my case stupidity) and you juniors (everyone younger than 43) could be in white fronts only :twisted: