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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. It's the end of the evening, you still haven't trapped, therefore you're stressed. Stands to reason you're going to have to go for what's left, even if it is not so desirable.

    Surprising how many women have told me that :(

    Then again, what the f*%k; a kill's a kill :sex:
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I've been known to stroke the odd fat munter. I remember one, I'd been to the Exmouth version of the Royal Marines School of dancing and ended up with a huge heffer.........anyway..... I got her naked and inbed, I sat on her, slapped me cock between her tits and tit fucked her, I worked my cock up her cleavage so she was smoking me and tit fucking me at the same time. Gotta love a munter.
  3. Does your mum know what you've been up to?
  4. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Dad was a Bootneck so I guess so.
  5. :laughing3:

    Fuckin shower of unfussy dirty munter stabbin bastards.
    I often wondered who took the horrors home after us lads had smoothed off with the essence parties.
    Sad fuckers.:winkrazz:
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  6. I do admit though that a sub standard (only 80% essence) nearly caused me permenant damage one night in Pompey on the wild mouse. She was stuck on my bell end like a limpet mine just as the fuckin contraption did the dead stop right turn operation at the top, fucking hell8O
    Revenge was mine when we came to a dead stop on a down grade just on the vinegar shake.
    If ever you meet a bird about 60ish now with a bulge in the back of her neck say hello Janet.:tongue:
  7. I was always under the impression that at the end of the night, being three sheets to the wind, and if still standing, all options left were essence. Seems like there are far to many fussy people around.
    One of my old Oppos had a philosophy, if you trap the fat munter you are guaranteed a shag as they are gaging for it?
  8. Always remember in Ft Lauderdale having waved off a rather essence bint a couple of days before ... trapped a munter in some club ... or at least attepted to persuade her to go twos up with my run ashore oppo ... must have made some impression as in the taxi back to the ship with a few mates (and her in the back seat between me and my oppo) she grabbed my hand and pushed it down the front of her dress thus depositing a large t*t in my hand and wanted to take me home (without run ashore oppo) ... unfortunately for her during the run ashore I had recieved a phone call from the essence bint who was now on her way back to Ft L and did I want to spend a few days practicing making babies ... so getting back to the ship left munter in the cab and made a run for the gangway.

    As we had "Dial a Sailor" going munter then rings the ship several times a day ... only had the guys on the switchboard told he I was now "Bonking for Britian" in Miami ... so diverted the call to the Booties Mess ... One brave Bootie then took up the challenge ... by all reports she tied him to the bed and spent hours bouncing up and down on him ... saw him a few days later requiring a large shot of penicillin!
  9. Typical skimmers, in boats we had "phone a bone"
  10. Different ships ... different cap talleys!
  11. Correct, and I must admit we had varying degrees of success with the ladies, the olfactory challenged were the more popular as Au de diesel wasn’t that appealing to everybody
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  12. MG quote from an old link, we only have one cap tally?

  13. Always get one pedantic barsteward!
  14. We only had one cap tally because one long black blob with a sticky up bit in the middle looked pretty much like any other long black etc, whereas with you boys it was beneficial to know which ship was which, do I volunteer for HMS so and so with the swimming pool or HMS so and so cos it’s got more sun lounger space and HMS so and so has got a dinky little helicopter and I might get a go.
  15. ..............................................................:sleepy2:sleepy2:sleepy2:sleepy2:sleepy2:
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  16. Submarines only have one cap tally to confuse the enemy.
    Skimmers have lots so they can find the right ship when returning from having a shandy ashore.

  17. The nautical equivalent of having your mum sew your name in the back of your coat then?
  18. When one of the A boats is going to be called HMS Agamemnon, it's handy having the one cap tally. In WW2 there were some dodgy names, HMS Starfish and HMS Snapper were two of them, who's going to go into the Mucky Duck with that name on their cap??
  19. What would have been the point putting your boats name on your cap?
    It's like handing nursery school kids a dictonary. Neither would have been able to read it.
    And you certainly could never spell bathroom in the day could you?:toothy8:

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