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Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by Guzzler, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. Hello again all. A question for the oldies, can anyone remember what year the 'big' pay rise in the late 70s was please? I have a feeling it was spread over two years (79/80?) but can't quite remember - pretty sure it was an overall increase of some 25% though. Anyone?

    I've googled but seems the info is all archived now.
  2. Thought it was 78 after the media outrage bus showed that the service personnel covering the 1977 firemans strike were paid less than the firemen who were striking for more pay.
  3. Thanks Wrecks, I had a feeling that if anything it was earlier rather than later. So definitely pre 1980 then you'd say?
  4. I'd say pre-1980, I was at Chatham on a boat in DED during the strike and I'm pretty sure the pay went up the following year.
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  5. Welcome back shipwreck :)
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  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    According to this Commons statement the AFPRB 7th Report in April 1978 recommended the Armed Forces should be given staged pay rises of between 19-38% (averaging 32%), commencing 1979 and fully implemented by April 1980.

    It's interesting to note the pay rise was announced and ratified prior to Margaret Thatcher taking office as Prime Minister, however many service personnel fondly remember her as the person responsible.
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  7. That's very interesting. Like a lot of young servicemen at the time, (I guess), I was always under the impression that the big pay rise was Thatcher's doing as it happened during her watch.
    Her one redeeming factor, (in my eyes), has now vanished.

    Somehow that makes me feel better.
  8. April '79. Labour gave us 25% Thatcher raised it to 33%. Happy days when the lads could get mortgages and buy up surplus married quarters.
  9. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    The BIG pay rise was in the mid 50's. Stood in the Drill Shed of HMS Drake with mouth open as my pay almost doubled. Saw my 1st White £5 note next payday.
  10. The big pay rise was in the late 60s (about 1969) when the military salary was introduced, pay for everyone increased massively. WRNS pay really increase to the same as males but without the so called X factor cos they did not go to sea.
    Single men had to wait about two years before their pay matched married men, definitely a rip off. Things like food and accommodation charges were introduced but married men were excused them.
    In all a great result though
  11. end of 70's pay rise a shore based single JR living on-board ended up with less,w e lost cost of living supplement, food and accom went up so did blue liners, every thing in slops went up, you had to be a sea going JR to see a pay rise.
  12. 69 it was I was on beira patrol my pay went from £7 to £11 as a JMEM and MEM2 £17 happy days.married men lost married allowance.No more R.A.'s

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