That 6th month tour money

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by ProudNavyWife(tooBe), Oct 27, 2006.

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  1. just woundering if the well published money is for sailors/raf as well or just soliders as it seems to be aimed at?

  2. Sailors and Airman are entitled to it aswell if they have served for over 2 months in the qualifying area of the world...which I believe at present are the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq
  3. But don't hold your breath, the slime balls will giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other.
  4. Thus is the way of Government;is now,always has been and allways will be.
  5. I am afraid, old chums you are correct, after all why should they change now? They have been slimy barstewards from the year dot.
  6. Yeah did the same with the dhobey money, was meant to be in the region of a couple of grand, what did we get a measily 500!
  7. I don't think that any of Bliars lot have ever been directly involved with any of the services! Except of course Prescott, who was Merchant, and his claim to fame was the Seaman's Strike to starve the UK into submission! Unfortunately, it worked! He now gets around half a mil a year, plus pension, for nothing!

    I remember serving with titled pongo, who eventually became Under-Secretary of State for Defence. He resigned rather than oversee the troops doing without, and then attacked the then government from their own benches! A rare and talented man of principle! No names, no pack drill! Just a pity that there aren't many mre out there like him.

    Maybe Allan West would like to have a go. At least he stuck his neck out for us in the past!


    Come the Revolution! :twisted:

  8. I'm hearing that it will be approx 90 quid per week for each full week served in theatre and will be tax free but no rules or forms available yet as Government didn't inform the Services it was doing it and no one has had time to figure out the "how to" aspects yet.

  9. Have read somewhere today about no council tax for armed forces but not sure what application it will be .
  10. Matelots' wouldn't give a shite aout poxy bonuses' if they wre paid a decent wage in the first place says I.
  11. I sincerely believe "bonuses" of all kinds should be outlawed - and I would particularly insist that be equally applied in civilian life. Do firemen, nurses, civil servants etc. get bonuses and tips for doing their job? Do they buggery.

    I would not object if bonuses were paid to all personnel in the same organisation at the same percentage rate based on profits (for commercial organisations) but I do not think that can be reflected in Service life and should be incorporated into the "X" factor.

    For example all employees of John Lewis PLC are partners and get the same (percentage) bonus of their annual salaries if the company has done well.

    You join the Armed Forces to serve - you deserve to be paid a wage that covers the eventually of serving in an operational theatre.
  12. Does anyone actually have a lead on the broad spectrum of areas the government are looking at and what timescale they intend to achieve it it? Now that would be interesting reading. Even better if we had some way to feed in to whatever committee is doing the reviewing but I suspect that would be asking a little too much.

  13. The current situation is, as I see it:-
    (a) Brown hasn't quite figured out how much of it he can take it away from you, and
    (b) once he has all the details of (a) above, he will issue some of the cash, the remainder to be paid in stages over 3 years

    Oh, by the way, don't spend it before you get it!

  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Try here - all details were pushed out a few days ago.

    Basically it is £12.31 per day. Clock starts the day you get in theatre and stops when you leave at the end of your tour. Absence for R&R etc doesn't matter as its averaged out over a whole tour. Backdated to 1 Apr.

    Will appear automatically in your pay. I also believe in the Tooth Fairy and Father Christmas......
  15. Got the news today that we are going to get it on Telic next year.
  16. Will affect the lads who get tax credits, ie take them over the limit & so will be clawed back?
    I say get rid of thousands of Civil Servants that this Government have hired & stop taking it out of the pay in the first place, that way there will be less people waiting years for them to sort it out as it currently stands.
    As for those people who do not pay tax, can they get tax credits? Monkeys in charge.
  17. We know how many days the RN has to do in a given area and how many days Percy has to have boots in the sand. The stumbling block is how many sorties the RAF have to complete over the area to get the money - wikll it be 1 or 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will also be working hard to write it in for the loafing toads in cyprus!!!!!!!!
  18. How basic does it have to be for these be-suited morons to understand the basic principle that was mooted in the first place?

    Why in gods name (or Alla or Buddha/Krishna etc- to be pc) does this or any other of the administrations that we inflict on ourselves (because let's face it they're all a bunch of tossers) have to make thing an excersise in complicating everything, is it to justify thier obesely inflated pay packets and pensions? or are they just bloody minded small people with nothing better to do?

    Any of you Whitehall twats listeng in? here's the simple principal you kindergarden mentality buffoons: THE U.S. MILITARY (ALONG WITH OTHERS) DO NOT PAY TAX WHEN ON OPERATIONS OUTSIDE OF THE U.S.A. IT IS NOT PARTICLE PHYSICS/ROCKET SCIENCE TO APPLY THE SAME TO OUR PEOPLE! don't sod around with it in the snakey give a bit here, adjust there for being 2 days short of various god forsaken targets and oooh sorry we'll cut your tax credits/family allowance because the xyz factor kicked in when you were in transit and your pay as you dine, dhobie, toilet cleaning, para pay chit excludes you from drawing the x factor...

    ....K.I.S.S. (my arse) keep it simple stupid, never before has that meant so much to so many but will be disregarded by the pen pushing few.

  19. Can we take it then, that you are not overly impressed? :lol: :lol:

  20. I am impressed its in the bank now. 3 tours of Iraq in 3 years, we deserve a bonus.

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