Good evening.

I passed my selection interview on Monday (huge relief I had no idea what to expect) most of everything I was asked was found either on here or the RN website so a big thank you for that. Few quick last questions though. My CA at the time never said anything about security vetting or PRNC I didn't have a valid passport with me (the letter they sent didn't mention to bring one) my question is obviously when this is re newed and brought into the careers office will I receive more news of what's next? Just slightly confused because was told aswell my date for Raleigh would be January 2014. Again many thanks

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Security clearance is to be completed prior to starting training, same with the passport.

My SC is still running and I start November with PRNC in August.

Well done on passing.
Awesome mate thanks. Does that mean il be contacted in due course in regards to security vetting / PRNC. I should have asked there and then but I was on such a high on passing I was an idiot and forgot.

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Thanks folks. Clears things up slightly wasn't sure if a valid passport was essential to begin SC or wether it was just essential for beginning training. Either way its been dealt with and sent off for

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