Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Merlin28, Oct 15, 2011.

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  1. I have my provisional date for raleigh after a long wait. Thankyou for your help Soleil, Supermario, ninjastoker and angrydoc, WreckerL. Cheers for the laughs MLP, 2DD, stan-the-man, blackrat, Cunto, clownpuncher, SJRM_RN, S.R.D, JonnoJonno, billynomates, Breathingonthewayup and stirling. If I have forgotton anyone all I can do is apologise.
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Forgot me you ******...:-D

    Great news bud. May it be the start of the adventure of a lifetime. Good luck, keep focused, drink like you're a viking, shag like a you're being filmed and feast like a king and you cant go far wrong.
  3. Best advice i have heard ever!

    Congrats Merlin, all the best.
  4. Oh yeah totally forgot about you....well we can't all be important can we ha ha. Can't wait to do some sea time and visit places I have never been, which is most places to be fair. With new places comes new girls and new alcohol to experiment with. Cheers Blobbs no hard feelings.
  5. =========================================================


    Well pleased for you Merlin,

    I'm guessing - but will RALEIGH be a nice 30th birthday present for you, perhaps?

  6. Yep shortly after my birthday is when I join, I may be one of the older recruits but hopefully I will be one of the fitter ones too. It will have been nearly 3 and a half years since I first applied by the time I get to raleigh.
  7. Your preparation, patience and maturity will stand you in good stead and is in stark contrast to that of a recent, much younker, Newbie.

    (No names - but his initials are W E L C H Y Y :wink: :wink:)
  8. I must of missed him, I haven't been on here for a while though. Anyway cheers Bob hopefully one day I will have some decent Dit's that I can share with you and the others on here.

    I see what you mean this is one of my favourite bits

    I currently have a RM application with the AFCO, but struggling with weight loss to pass a medical retake.

    So I don't want to give the impression that my heart is not all for the RM, it is. Just looking to explore different options and have had enough of my day job now.

    I'm looking at all the trades because i have no idea what would be best for me.

    So basically he is a indecisive overweight c&nt who needs to be spoonfed information. Imagine him at the pasty shop when he has to choose which pasty he wants. Although it's probably not his fault he is overweight it's glandular, big bones, hereditary, slow metabolism or some other lame excuse.

    I would say good luck to him but it's not luck he needs by the sounds of it....... it's a good diet and some exercise.
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  9. Congrats Merlin. Hope Raleigh goes well for you and good on you for keeping the old-age-recruits end up :). Will see you in the mob soon I hope. C
  10. Congrats Merlin, no dribbling over the female PTI's, they're pyscho's in short dresses!
  11. Good things do not come of this. Superbock is responsible for me nailing some of the most hideous wrens in existence, in Portugal if you touch that stuff you'll get raped. Likewise, Phoenix beer in Ghana made me nail a local who looked like Gary Coleman.

    Still, they're all pretty when you're ******* clown trousered.
  12. "Watch chaa talking about MLP!" (in the voice of Gary Coleman).
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  13. Beadwindow!
  14. God, you're quick! Tis been edited me old mucker!
  15. Persec is not a dirty word! Cock is.
  16. Don't worry I will be paying attention and keeping quiet, I have lived on my own for 9 years so it will be a shock going to a place where I can't do what I want when I want. On top of that I am not allowed to wear my own clothes, have to learn a new way of walking and get told what to do and when to do it. On the plus side it willl be a busy 10 weeks looking at the timetable with not a lot of downtime so it should fly by. Lets hope my lack of coordination won't piss the drill instructors off too much ha ha.
  17. It will, hope theres someone worse. Good look.
  18. May I also add my congrats on your astounding success at getting into an Armed Service
    that is doing its f***ing damndest to hoof people in the other direction. Ohh - and don't
    get miffed if your class instructor looks about 13 years of age and hasn't started shaving
    yet.....he probably is. Never lose your sense of humour or you're f***ed, and remember,
    Torpoint is a fu**ing crap run ashore.

    Kindest regards,

    Friendless William.

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