Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Stirling, May 1, 2010.

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  1. .......go to SF1939 for posting this pic of a couple of chicks from Virgins Corner, Nee Soon.

    The one on the left cost me $5 short time, yeh I know, seen off to fcuk.
  2. Erm... they're hot. SMOKING HOT!

  3. corrrrrrrrrrr do they they do shows, Take them teeth out woman. :wink: :D
  4. Bloody hell I've been trying to post that picture for months with no result,how it came up I don't know.
    Basically my son sent this to me from Hong Kong,seems a few sailors had promised to marry these two,now if it's you you should do the right thing.
    They said the matelots lived in a massive house in Portsmouth with armed guards on the gate and were so rich they had their own cigarettes made with a blue line down the side!so!come on chaps do the right thing here and bring them over or look after them,all they want is some Botox[about a gallon I would think]
    They were beauties once from the rooftops in Honk Kong if it rings any bells.
    I never ploughed their furrows but some of you have so look after them as English Gentlemen would.Best of luck.

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