Found this site, while trawling the internet re info about getting ashes scattered at sea.Most of my questions answered now thanks to ur threads.However one remains do i need to have my partners RN number?b 4 contacting the Chaplaincy
Al I have is a commission book The Eagle 70-72with his name and AH3 on it (what does this mean? plus a number .
Apologies 4 my ignorance but we only had 7 years together and his time as a WAFU was many years ago.(I only found out what it meant after he died)
Ex Arehusa boy and dare I say it Ganges,Fire Brigade Northern Ireland, any help appreciated.
Hello again, KittyKat,

Not many about at this time of night but I’ll try to give you a holding answer until someone else more knowledgeable appears (ChiefTiff or Scouse, perhaps??).***

I believe that an AH3 was an Aircraft Handler, one of the Fleet Air Arm Team aboard who specialised in moving the various aircraft backwards and forwards from hanger to flight deck for and after flying operations.

(A highly specialised sort of valet parking, but aircraft carrier car parks tended to pitch and toss considerably more than any at NCP!)

I suggest that the chaplaincy would like his Service number if do you have it.

If you posted it here with his name, initials and AH3 rank then someone at RR may recognise him from HMS EAGLE or courses elsewhere.

Finally, there is an active HMS EAGLE Association at:

That is run by John Bryant, if you contact him with the above details he may be able to help, too. His address is at:

[email protected]

**FOR THE MODS - Please can you move this across to the Fleet Air Arm thread where it will receive more attention?

PS I did not serve in HMS Eagle but I was most grateful for some urgent dental treatment aboard at Torbay the day before the Queens Fleet Review of July 1969
Kitykat, I have spoken to our member of that name and he isn't the guy you want. He was on a different ship at those times. Wrong number and birthdate. Sorry I couldn't help any more.
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