Discussion in 'The Corps' started by D_B_D, Oct 12, 2009.

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  1. alright guys

    ive decided im going for the marines in june next year, after i finish my a-levels. i was planning on leaving now, but ive realized that i want to show the marines im not a quitter, and despite not getting on very well at 6th form im going to give it my best shot and put in 120% effort.

    cheers to a lot of ex-marines and just people in the same boat as me! given me a lot of thought and advice.

    one question regarding this though, im planning on going in as a commando, but will obviously have a levels under my belt. i know a lot of people do go in with degrees etc. but would the recruiting office try and sway me in for officer training or not?

    sorry if questions been done to death, and for the long post!

  2. They will give you the options available to you and answer any questions you have, they won't try and sway you to Officer entry.

    Bearing in mind that the number of places compared to the number of applicants is crazy, you'd have to be hotter than a very shit hot thing to be worth talking into officer entry.

    Many graduates go in as Marines, so with a-levels you will not be at all out of place.
  3. No you're not. You're hoping to come out as one.
  4. alright i ment im planning on joining the royal marines as a commando.
    my bad
  5. No, you're planning on joining to train as one :lol:

    Anyway, all Royal Marines are commandos 8O
  6. maybe im mistaken, but i thought if you joined as a soldier you were a royal marines commando, yet if you joined as an officer you were a royal marine officer?

    looking back on this, i think its me being a complete kn0bber! exscuse the post!
  7. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's up to you. most people would say if you are capable of being an Officer then you should join as one, however academic qualifications don't mean you will be a good leader.

    85% of successful RM Young Officers join with a degree. 17% of Other Ranks join academically qualified for Officer from within the Corps. Each Other Rank Recruit Troop normally has about two graduates out of the 55 joining.

    About 5 Corps Commissions (Promotion to RM Officer from Other Rank) are accepted once a year.
  8. I take it that English is not one of your A levels :p
    Perhaps before considering joining as an occifer you might just spend some time improving your Written Englih skills.
  9. Wrong[/b[
  10. Bandsmen are Royals but not Commandos. Go figure.
    Zoidberg wrong? Whatever next? :roll:
  11. no "englih" is not one of my A levels. im taking physics, human biology and geography.

    thanks for everyones reply
  12. Precisely. As were members of the Royal Marine Light Infantry and Royal Marine Artillery. I suggest Ziodberg speak to his Cpl, or nearest DL for remedial Corps History.....
  13. A mate of mine a few years back joined as one of the lads and he was raised middle class. Parents were lectures at Oxford also he got his degree from Oxford. The point being if or when you join you will meet people from such a variety of backgrounds that you will have to keep a open mind.
  14. But there are no RMLI or RMA in the Corps so really its just the pink piccolo players he's wrong about. :wink:

  15. That's a point since amalgamation of the RMLI and RMA took place in 1923 would there be any RMLI/RMA old hands still out there?
    Last RM Infanteers not to go through Commando Training would have been Fleet Marines in the 50s(?), ready to be corrected on that of course by wiser heads.
  16. I've met a RMLI Vet in the last 3 years. It was a wider point about Corps history, and the fact the Commando role is relatively new: nearly 300 years of being sea-soldiers and only 70(ish) years of commando-ing.

    It does amuse me when nods/YOs (and not so nod-like RM Commandos) complain about being associated with the RN....
  17. Strange as it may seem but the days of officers being middle class died out long ago. The reality though id that if you have the ability to be an officer then you are doing a diservice to your chosen service by not having a go.
  18. I'd guess that these guys must be hitting the century around now (if 14 on amalgamation, were they classed as buglers/drummers at that age rather than RMLI?)

  19. In- he was a v old bloke, but still proud (as you'd expect!). Didn't really seem polite to ask him his age!!!

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