Thanks for the advice

Just thought i would say thanks for all the advice i recently had on getting my 1.5 mile times down i ran it on monday night after measureing 1.5 in the car and done it in 9.22mins i still have over 3 months before i join raleigh so i should be able to shave a bit more of it yet
StixJimboRM said:
Mckenzie147 said:
how the hell did you go that fast!!!! i need these tips.
Its easy

Step 1 - get off your arrse and go out running and mix it up with some fartlekk

Step 2 - don't eat as much (energy intake < energy output = weight loss + faster times on 2.4 km runs (as a general rule of thumb - this is not gospel but it will help))

Step 3 - do some fartlekk

Step 4 - run some more

Step 5 - eat the right foods in the correct proportions

Step 6 - run some more

Step 7 - I think you probably have the idea by now
God if that's what it takes to be a matelot nowerdays, an eternal world of sweet fcuk all, thank jesus my time rolled on.

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