thanks and goodbye! off to brnc in 5 hrs!

Just thought i'd post a little note to say thanks to everyone on here who has answered my stupid questions and kept me entertained while waiting to join. I've got a lot of useful info from you guys and can only hope that the people im joining up with are half as decent as the majority on here.

thanks again :wave:
All the best hope it is all you want and things go well

I must admit I still shudder at the thought of Sanquay steps despite that being almost 45 years ago now
I won't make a separate post, but a quick thanks from me too!

Without this resource it would have been even harder than it was to get through the various interviews etc.

I'll see you down there Mini!


War Hero
Good luck fellas, and please dont make it good bye. Pop in when you've catched yer breathe and let us know how it's going and give some up to date advice to those following.
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