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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by gibbo92, Jun 1, 2008.

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  1. was really disheartened when i failed thought that was the end of my dream to join the navy, felt on wednesday that i wouldn't go back to resit the test next year and was gonna join the army but over the next couple of days i realised i really do wanna join the navy 110% so gonna go to college in september to do the public services course (has anyone else done this course and was it helpful) and gonna redo maths again i lost track of the basics and was to embarassed to ask school teachers for help so gonna do maths at college as well and focus on passing next year - this site has really helped me and all the positive comments helped me to make the right choice the army is definately not for me
    thanks all
  2. Hi Lee
    I dont know the ins and outs of your situation but by the sound of this post you have the determination that is needed to go far in your chosen career. I think it is pretty obvious that in life you don't get anywhere by waiting for it to come to you and have to go and hunt it down. Good luck mate and keep us up to date with what you decide to do.

  3. Good luck Lee when at first you don't succeed you are not a failure,one course would recommend is the citizcens advice bureaux certificate in generalist advice its free to do interesting and a very powerful on any CV keep us posted on how you get along and promise not to give up matey
  4. Good man.....go for it :thumright:
  5. are you a 21 club man
  6. good one mate keep going at it if u reli want it!

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