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This last week, not that long after returning from Afghanistan, an 854 Squadron Seaking has spent the last few days visiting schools in the North of England, so I thought a word of thanks wouldn't go amiss.

The crew set themselves a busy visits schedule & I had the pleasure of being the "man on the ground" at a couple of the schools they visited.

In short, they were absolutely superb. I've no doubt the long-term career aspirations of many young people are now firmly focused on the Royal Navy in a variety of trades for many years to come.

Whilst it's appreciated that there's no shortage of applicants to join the service at present, the long-term effect of such visits, particularly at this time when we seem to see a lot of negative publicity in the press, is definitely money well spent.

Many thanks to all concerned.
RoofRat said:
854 ??????? :oops:

845 surely?
ha! ha! thats what i thought :oops: They have 3 Sea Kings :roll: :roll: :roll: and is now classed as a Squadron, :cry: 854 NAS received new Avenger IIIs in July to join the 3rd Carrier Air Group. But shortly afterwards, 854 left its Avenger IIIs behind and sailed for the UK, to disband on 8 December 1945.

After a ceremony on 13 Dec 2006 at RNAS Culdrose, the unit reformed with the Sea King ASaC.7,


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As a Woo I will pass on your thanks and include that they come from a Stoker

It is 854 Sqdn, who used to be know as 849 A Flt, flying the seaking Mk7.


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Funnily enough when I was serving on Illustrious it was indeed 849A & B flights, but I double-checked the movement order & it is now 854 squadron apparently.

No apologies necessary, I'm just grateful as the guys (& girl) were tip-top & much as it always galls me to thank Woos, I have to concede they were brilliant.
Scouse my first job on a Flight deck was nose arm number on those beasts. They couldn't manage to come out from the arse end of the Island on their own to line up with the cats. Good old days.
Thanks for pic.
Trying too think who was the crazy FDCPO, on board the Vic 65/67 who used too bring them right up to his nose :roll: :roll: , and dive over the deck for the red cap covers when the Vixens hit the Wires???? Help me out Fred :oops:
I had the honour of being in the guard for 854's medal presentation with the First SeaLord. These guys & girls have done our service a great credit. I'd have taken my cap off to them if my hands weren't busy desperately trying to keep hold of my rifle lol. Kudos to 854.
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