Thankooooooo everyone!!!!

Right, it's literally 12 hours until I leave for HMS Raleigh. I'm excited as hell! Although i'm not too nervous as i've been waiting for ages!

Anyways I owe Rum Ration people a huge thank you for all the information and knowledge you've graced me with! an even bigger thank you to Ninja as he's answered every stupid question i've asked and not given me shit for it haha:) Good luck to everyone else who is popping off to Raleigh tomorrow:) and good luck to everyone who will be joining in the coming weeks and months:)

Hope you enjoy your choice of career and I wish you well.

Asking on RR was the right thing and also when you get through
the training the saying still goes --if your not sure ask. Its better than
screwing up for 'not knowing '

:nemo: :nemo:
You and the people that join with you are the future of our proud Royal Navy, I hope by chatting to us here you have gleaned some of the knowledge that will make you into a good matelot. Enjoy it, you have made a great choice, the armed forces and the Navy in particular are a great career choice.
Do yourself and the country proud!

All the best

Best of luck Willmuse for your glittering future in the RN. Keep us posted as to your progress, and remember not to put Persec in a compromising position. :biggrin:

You've taken the step I didn't and have always regretted not doing so. Have fun! :)

I can understand how he feels to a certain extent. I'm bricking it and he's just joined the actual basic training whereas I'm only going to cally.
Nothing to be worried about honestly.. you run around the base one day then do some pushups/situps then swiming test then the next day you goto faselane and do some circuits.. (star jumps), situps, sprints etc etc, then play bucketball
Cool. Sounds good.

So do they show you the route you run around K800i? I can't remember Army basic.

I remember at Recruit Selection Centre, we did 1 lap as a warmup. I remember in the Army, we didn't to the warmup, it was just go (which I prefer), but I can't remember how we all knew where to follow as I don't particularly remember any flags, or signs pointing you in the right direction.

Oh well, suppose I'm gonna find out.

I wonder what Willmuse is doing at this very moment.
Oh okay, thanks for the info mate.

Do you get to know you time straight away, or do you have to wait until you get back to AFCO for your pre-entry brief?
after u cross finish line the guy with stopwatch tells you your time and you gotta go tell another guy so he can write it on his clipboard
Mmm, so the guy with the clipboard has to take your word for it?


I detect a world record 1.5 mile run here! "Err 4 minutes 11 seconds chief"


My thinking is, it's only 10 minutes of pain, and even then, it's as short as you want it to be.

I'll just try and catch the dude in front, then try and overtake him, then get to the next guy until I'm absolutely maxed out. You can't do more than that.

What time did you get K800i?
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