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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by buggerit84, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. I passed my AIB a couple of weeks ago and so have been waiting for the results of my airwcrew medical, which I had been told I should hear within a couple of weeks. Well, I just phoned up to enquire as to if there's been any news and was told that I'm not going to hear before the new year.

    However, due to my scores at AIB and FATs I've been offered a plave at BRNC in April already! Subject to medical and security clearance of course but still...

    So I just wanted to sya a huge thank you to Ninja, mario and everyone else on here for all the help and advice you given over the past few months!

    I'm not sure if work is now going to be more or less painful as there's light at the end of the tunnel but it's still 4 and a half months away.....

    That's a point - when roughly in the month do the intakes start?
  2. It'll be mid to late April. Well done fella.
  3. Feel like writing that guide you promised?
  4. Thanks and thanks! It'll help me plan.

    Sure thing! Sorry I haven't done it yet, I've been a little tied up. Have you got an email I could sent it to? Would probably be easier if I typed something up and sent it to you!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Congratulations & fingers crossed with the medical stuff.

    We like to see people pass!
  6. Alright, sure.

    And congratulations. Another officer RR can add to the "wall" hopefully :p
  7. I've just got the same letter! Subject to medical clearance (boy will I be on the phone to them in the new year) I've been offered an ATC place in April.

    Rather pleased :)
  8. Well done shipmate - nice one! Better start practising polishing your shoes. :thumright:
  9. very well done!
    I recently had to undergo PFTs for aircrew so i should hear soon
    I thought letters for BRNC places would be sent out later seeing as there's still room for candidates at AIB but maybe you did very very well, hope i get that letter lol.
  10. Ah, I intend on taking my already polished RNR issued shoes with me! Save myself a job, assuming I can keep them in sparkling condition between now and then.
  11. I think my polishing skills are a little rusty but with practice I'm sure they'll be back! Thanks guys, good luck to everyone still going through and hope to see you there wannabe!

    Magic - the selction board for each BRNC intake convenes the month before said intake to decide who goes etc. However, and this was news to me, if they like your scores enough then you are offered a place early subject to clearance! What are you going in for?
  12. I'm trying for aircrew also, hence the PFTs i had to take as i temporarily failed part of my medical. Yes that's what i thought, is this a new thing then do you think, what a good early xmas present for those who got it lol
  13. Hi everyone.

    I also got a letter (today in fact), stating that I had been awarded a place at BRNC in April. I passed AIB at the end of November but wasn't expecting this until March. Still got to wait for the medical results though!
  14. what did you apply for si-h?
    I will talk to afco tomorrow and ask if it's normal or a new thing.
  15. It sounds like everyone's still waiting on AMD then, I know of a couple of other aircrew who've got acceptance letters with the medical caveat.

    It is strange though; I know I didn't get an amazing AIB score so I can only guess they're giving places out this early because they don't think they're going to get enough candidates at AIB before Feb/March?
  16. I applied for pilot. My ACLO said that they usually decide the month before the joining date but people who have very strong passes can get told before. I didn't realise this before and was even told by the AIB that selection wouldn't take place till March.
    It's a nice early christmas present though!
  17. got mine this morning. same thing, pending medical etc =D
  18. Hey guys, would also like to echo the thanks to everyone on this site - if I ever meet any of you, I owe you a beer!

    Start date is 27th of April, I was also surprised to get a confirmation through the post this early - I had been told to wait 'til March, but it's great to find out early. Especially since my AIB was in September!

    Those of you who are going in April, I look forward to seeing you there!
  19. You can buy me a pint anytime shippers
  20. looks like they were in a hurry to get theses, off my congratulations paper isn't even A4, budget cuts?
    Mark, you will now definately meet me, if word gets out of this beer owing you may be in for some debt.

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