Thank you..!!


I don't think it is said often enough but I wanted to say thank you to those that take the time to respond to posts in here..!!

Its quite obvious to anyone with half a brain (I really hope that covers everyone in this forum) that some of you really do get p1ssed off with "newbies" asking the same old question over and over again.!!

Unfortunately I've seen some responses which go beyond banter and are just plain rude and I wish some people would remember that you have 15/16 year olds in here asking questions and they have no idea how to use a forum (let's be honest, if it doesn't look like FB, snapchat, Instagram or Twitter then they probably don't know what you mean by "use the search bar")

I spent most of last night searching for answers, I didn't find what I was looking for and rather than ask I knew it would be easier to discuss directly with AFCO, I know people want to be given the answer straight away and they only want to hear good news but this place is real, gritty and at times downright heartbreaking but nothing beats discussing your situation with AFCO..!!

This is a great place for advice but I feel too many people depend on this info and I think it's easy to latch on to the answer you want rather than searching a whole host of responses, I've gone off on a tangent..!!

Anyway, thank you from me to you, I haven't always been given the news I wanted to hear and I haven't always been able to find the answers I'm looking for but someone has always taken the time to reply and that means a lot..!!

As you were....
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