Discussion in 'RFA' started by JamieDonut87, Nov 15, 2015.

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  1. everyone who helped with giving me advice etc (no matter how big or small it was), I received my contract yesterday and start training as a steward apprentice on January 3rd up at HMS Raleigh.
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  2. Well done mate and update us all on how the training is if you can
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  3. Steward! Mine's a full English - extra crispy bacon, with a side order of eggy bread. Tea - NATO standard.

    Ta very much.
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  4. Well done, that is the easy bit over the real work starts in Jan.

    Billy a full English and French toast are you peckish?
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  5. Too late. Been to buy a new washing machine and had a truck drivers scran
    while she was making her unmakeable
    mind up, as to which one to bang on her
    Argos card.

    BZ to Jamie by the way.

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  6. Congratulations!

    Got my interview on the 26th, getting nervous now
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  7. Well done! I'd like to thank everybody also, I start on January 10th And without this site I would never have been as prepared as I was for the interview.
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  8. We try our best to point you in the right direction, even though many of us have been lost for years?:p
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  9. Ignore most of us. We last did training when everyone lived in wooden huts with tin roofs. It took
    almost TWO DAYS for some civvy twat in RALEIGH to teach the class I was in how to use the
    wood block name stamp when marking up our kit. I was fascinated by the fact that my backwards
    printed name came out the right way round when I banged it on my No.8 shirt.

    Still can't figure out how it did it.

    By the end of training I couldn't half run fu**ing fast around the parade ground with an SLR
    at high port arms.

    ...and I could get blattered on two pints of Guinness.
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  10. Nothing changes then Billy :)

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