Thank you very much!

Hi guys,

So after 14 months, I finally passed my AIB and got a start date. I just wanted to say thank you ever so much for the fantastic amount of support available through these forums. Despite not posting much the search function was invaluable. I haven't seen many of these threads, but thank you for what you do.

A rather excited/ nervous bloke!
You have no idea! I've been so on edge since selection, just massive massive relief- now to look at finances to see when exactly I can pack in my soul destroying job!
My immediate boss has actually been pretty good to me, so I'm not going to be a dick about quitting, though I have been wondering about when the first pay day will be. Starting Nov 17th, I understand payday to be the 1st working day of the month. Will I get 2 weeks pay on Dec 1st, or 6 on Jan 1st? I hate focusing on pay, but I need to be able to plan!


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Lol I have no idea but plan for worse case scenario then if you're paid sooner happy days. Well my place can sod a month of notice that's for sure. Treat me like poop, I'll leave you in the poop, makes no odds to me I'll still sleep like a log :)
Good luck in your new career.

Nice to see that after all the angst regarding the forum activity of late, this aspect (of helping newbies and prospective matelots) has been doing it's part.



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I agree Dredd. Anyone who spends time reading on this site will find, on offer, a diverse life style he/she is heading towards. The 'old and bold', forever in the grip of nostalgia, to the Uber young thrusters making their own waves. Good luck and God bless them all. They are so lucky.


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Congratulations on passing selection - despite the shocking dearth of definitive official reference sources.

It's long been a gripe of mine that the Naval Service does not provide adequate information, necessitating individuals to use unofficial and unverified sources to gain a job. There's an arrogance/laziness/hypocrisy attached to the service assumption that "anyone wanting to be an Officer should have the initiative to find out", whilst not producing the resources to answer the questions we expect the candidate to answer.

I'd urge any person who found the "award winning" RN website less than adequate for research purposes, to provide feedback for those that follow:

Again well done for achieving your goal & good luck!
Ninja, I've found the new website much easier to navigate, however much of the content I was after still doesn't exist - the new training pipeline for instance.

I completed the survey but didn't find an option to write additional comments. It did ask for an email address if I wanted to be contacted further but I clicked past it not realising that was the opportunity.


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If you clear your cache, you can have another crack at it. (browser history, temp internet files & cookies).

There are text boxes to add comments also.

It bewilders me where applicants are supposed to find out about training pipelines, ships, submarines & aircraft weapons, propulsion, sensors, Naval history etc., if it is not on the website. There is actually a community forum hidden away for those already serving but there are no interactive forums for careers advice & the RN/RM recruiting faceache pages are run by a civilian call centre.
Thanks everyone, I completely agree with trying to find official sources, most of my information came from googlefu and Wikipedia.

Ninja, I filled that survey out a few days ago. Hope it helps!
Well done SqueezyCheese. I passed my AIB at the beginning of October and now face the agonising wait to see if I get selected when the selection board meets on the 6th of November for February intake. Whilst passing an Aircrew medical in between. My letter said that due to my final board mark, scores at FAT's and historical trends I can be reasonably optimistic of being selected so just have to hope I have done enough. Congrats once again and enjoy Dartmouth when you get there. Good luck for it pal.

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