Thank you Lord!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by SONAR-BENDER, May 28, 2012.

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  1. Aye, nowt better IMO, favorite is Nawabi Kani or if I am feeling brave it would be a Ceylon.
  2. Now, I like, nay LOVE my Indian food (just had a korma in fact!) but I have NEVER heard of a Nawbi Kani! Wot's one of them then?
  3. Korma.

  4. Titter ye not! I love all curries (Edwina excepted!) but having a very sweet tooth, I particularly like the creamy coconutty jobs.

    Plus it was all that was in the fridge when SWMBO decided she wanted a veggie-fest tonight! At least I had some cans of Strongbow left to swill it down with!
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  5. Was a bloke on the Dev who loved curry ... the hotter the better ... something like a triple strength Vindaloo. Even got the chefs in the galley to do him an extra hot specially ... sort of stuff that melted spoons and I wouldn't have wanted his ring piece the day after!

    I'm however with SB and like the creamy /coconutty / fruity Korma's!
  6. Are you trying to tell us something?
  7. No mearly alluding to the after effects of a triple strength vindaloo on the lower bowel and my aversion to the ensuing sensation which I personally find to be most unpleasant! Whether he enjoyed having a "ring of fire" is entirely up to him hence my comment which was rather along the lines of "rather him than me". (smiley of choice)

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