Thank You All


Well, about an hour ago, reluctantly, I was accepted by the mob.

I'd just like to take the opportunity to thank everyone for the advice you gave me, I found all of the material useful today and it enabled me to answer most of the AFCO's questions competently.
I think had it not been for the pearls of wisdom of certain members (obviously Ninja and Sol, even 2_D_D amusingly) I think I may have royally cocked up!

So once again THANK YOU, and I now look forward to my forthcoming career, that may involve crossed path's with some of you unfortunate souls!


No, was told to expect summer 2011!

Got to call in Dec to arrange to go on the 4 day acquaint course.

Apart from that just got to keep fitness up and stay drug, conviction and injury free!

Cheers 2DD I promise, if I even see a screen with glee on it, I will stove shite out of it with a house brick


Lantern Swinger
Nice one, the time will pass and all you have to do is stay on a list and as you say stay fit and clean.

Look forward to an exciting and challenging career my friend.


lol... Cheers all!

Yes I do... Roll on summer 2011...

I wonder if this gives me enough time to get in the air/stealth bumming squad for the 2012 Olympics?

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