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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Holly, Sep 12, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just a quick message to say thanks for all your help, although I have not posted much there is lots of useful and amusing information.

    I have now been informed of my entry date, and well just wanted to say thanks :)

  2. Hey, whens your entry date?
  3. More than welcome. Best of luck and stay away from Norway Chris :wink:

  4. My start date is the 21st march, 4 days before my birthday.

    So should be fun :)

    I applied August last year.

  5. Nice to hear you recieved some constuctive advice, given some of the tool's who frequent this site. Good Luck.
  6. You don't say what you're going in as... unless I'm still half cut and being silly...?
  7. Why ?,Ive been very nice and helpfull these last few weeks and i havnt asked for tit or minge pics once, :D
  8. Leopards do not change their spots.. and you Sir, are a veritable master amongst other predetators. The mere fact that you haven't asked for intimate photographs probably means that you are working on your next devious plan..One which I wait with eager anticipation. Your fellow reprobate Rumrat has also been rather quiet of late which I can only attribute to you two cooking up one dastardly evil plan! :wink:
  9. Wannabe

    I think that Holly's going for Seaman Spec.
  10. I am very sorry Wannabeaet,

    This post was just to thank everyone, and at the time it was more important to say thanks.

    But feel free to ask me :wink:

  11. Ooooooh Soleilllll, I was waiting for the question :wink:
  12. i second that!!
  13. Who ratteled your cage minge bag :wink:
  14. Norway Chris is a gentleman of the first order. He is not asking for these intimate pics purely for himself, he wishes to share the delights with all red blooded males (and the lezzers) on RR. He is just what he says he is, as Kevin Bloody Wilson wouls say a Caring Understanding Nineties Type :p :p :p
  15. At last sombody who really understands me, 8) :D
  16. I thought it was against RR policy to get your own social worker to comment on your posts. :lol:
  17. Negative, it's only against RR policy if I procure the photo's for him :p
    Anyway twos up for the photos :oops:
  18. Slim's a male??!! :wink: :D

    I'm still waiting for Trelawney to post me the piccy of him at the bar of the (public) House, pissed as a nozzer, with creamy, off white, beer foam around his furry set and dressed as a Royal in civvies: in that red frilly dress!
  19. You can fcukn dream on. Only had three photos taken on the wedding day :wink:

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