Thank you all and one or two more Q'1


First and most importantly I would like to say a massive thank-you to you all for the questions that you have found answers to over the past few monets of me posting on here. Ive pondered some of these questions for months, maybe years and finally ive got the answers ive needed. When i first started posting on here there were a few trades that interested me. No with your help ive decided to apply/re apply for AET as soon as ive got rid of the beer belly. :evil: . Id like to say a massive thanks to jungly-wafu whos replied were fantastic and also Gruff who helped me out. Im not going anywhere and ill probably still be posting on here till the day i join but its a fantastic site full of fantastic people. If i join as an AET i want to go far and either go for fast track or go for a commision. I was just wandering when i should mention these ambitions. Im a very ambitious person and if there is the chance of the a commision or fast track then not being rude but I WANT IT!! Is it best to tell me recruiter at the AFCO that i want to aim for commision or fast track or wait till raleigh or trade training? To put you in the picture if you havent spoken to me before I applied for weapons tiff, passed the tests, interview but failed the medical as i was overweight. Im sorting this out now but wanting to make sure im fully prepared for when i return. Im definitely going to do it this year!! When should i make my feelings known ( i dont have A levels by the way ). I know i should probs tell this chief at the afco but i want everyone to know at the right time so i can be guided into what i need to do to achieve my ambition.
Many thanks guys- Keep up the good work
I'll leave the answers to some one who is a trifle more current than I am, but thanks for the appreciation and good luck.

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Aww bless, that is kind of you and helpful to those who were able to assist with your queries.

Good luck with the future and keep us posted!