Thank fcuk its friday.........

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by wet_blobby, Mar 6, 2009.

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  1. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I hope all you people have a better days work than me, at least the working day is behind me now and I can enjoy a beer or 15.

    It started at 3 am this morning, I drove of in a truck with collapsible sides filled with farm machinery. At 3.25am the sides collapsed. After 40 minutes in the pitch dark and rain I'd re-built the sides. (yes it was checked prior to leaving)

    Arrived at my drop at 7.20 a.m, by 8.45 drop done and truck sides all put in correctly, truck and trailer now a state of the art Tipper.

    11.15 a.m arrive at collection site.

    11.30 a.m Truck filled with coal, on way home.

    1.00 pm. Truck poorly

    1.15 pm really poorly

    1.20pm fcuked.

    Clutch gone, so dutifully get on the fleet link, report problem and get a truck doctor despatched to my location (middle of friggin nowhere.)

    2.00 truck doctor arrives, sucks through teeth and announces "it's fcuked"

    2.45 Told to leave truck as a recovery truck will be with it in about 3 hours, advised to start hitching..... 8O

    2.46 Start Hitching...this went really well, 3 fellow truckers picked me up and eventually dropped 300 metres from my door.

    7.00 pm arrive home.

    Not bad for my first days work for a new company eh? Hope your days better.
  2. It's 07:52, just sat down.
    System logged me on first time,
    Yesterdays report sat on my desk with no ammendments
    Placement Student has a day off (Thank F**K)
    Boss in meetings all day.

    What is going to go wrong?

    Well at least its POETS day!!!!!!
  3. Dawn breaks over Murcia, dog comes into bedroom and says take me out or I will piss on the floor. Drag tired old body out of bed rejecting advances of Mrs Nutty. Dog walks me for about 2 miles drags me back the last half mile as she knows there is chicken left over from last night for her breakfast. Log on to The Times of London. fecking UK Government is going to make laws so I will now have to pay speeding fines, congestion charges and parking tickets when I drive back to UK "Bar Stewards". Mrs Nutty lights gas fire, goes out so have to drag 16 odd kilo bottle of gas out of stores.

    On the plus side, the sun is shining and soon it will be over the Yardarm.

  4. Pretty much the same for me.

    Got into work. 07:30
    All work for the week completed
    Buggered about
    Went for a swim
    Collected a package from the post office
    Buggered about some more

    Staff v Staff football match is tonight so there's a bit of a carnival atmosphere.
  5. Same here, sent e mail to Australian office first thing this morning, was told in reply, hear from you monday I'm off to the pool for a beer!!!! 29 degrees C, -2 in my car this morning!!!!!!
  6. Wellt there is just over an hour to go, and aprt from a bit of hassle from my boss things have been OK, The breakfast rolls were good and the sun is shining outside.
  7. my day started at 6th form at half 8. 9-11 am had double geography 11.20-12.20 BELA. Afta that my day it over and can start the weekend early. Every friday is like that for me. God I LOVE fridays :p :lol:
  8. In just 14 minutes I stack for the weekend, that's the good news. :D
    The bad news, it's p1ssing down outside and she who must be obeyed is going to drag me through the shops. :cry:
    The other good news I have a crate of the real Budweiser waiting for at home. :D :D :D
  9. Go and do your bloody homework!!! 8O :wink:
  10. Spent the day/evening/ night "reminiscing" with an old ship mate.

    On waking in my pit I thought my luck was in something warm and wet was licking/nibbling my ear, thinking my luck was in i blindly reached out to find a long dark haired female alonside.
    Not Angelina or Demi but It was dilly my oppos dog!
    Then whist attempting to locate the loo, I stubbed my toe and fell into a pile of baby clothes (nice).
    Then after my ablutions were completed, there's no paper (oh s**t).
    After that I mistakenly entered the wrong bedroom, (his daughter's she had left for work)
    Once dressed, and my host and missus was still asleep, I decided "time for a brew" so kettle plugged in switched on - - - smell of burning!!!!! I had switched on the electric hob and attempted to destroy a dishtowel.

    Eventually, i got outside, to find a fixed penalty parking ticket on my car!!!

    Tell me it isn't Friday 13th.
  11. No thats next week, good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    We've rented an entire 17C Manor House for the weekend in Norfolk complete with snooker room and swimming pool, the entire East London mafia will be enjoying an alcohol fuelled weekend, that's the good news.

    The bad news I'm running a working group up norf next week and, due to ridiculous amount of stupid "important" e-mails and waiting for information from people who seem to have buggered off home already I'm going to have to do some work over the weekend to finish preperations. So, me the laptop and printer in the pool with a few beers, sounds risky!

  13. Fair one, pity I can't see a bloody window from my desk.
  14. I know Mrs CT has a bit family, but Mafia's a bit much!!!! Have a good one, Mrs JFH is taking me suitcase shopping.
  15. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Bugger, I won't be able to point and laugh when I drive past in about an hour :lol:
  16. Half a hour from your place to Cambridge!!! The mighty Shar could not do it that fast on the A14.
  17. Mmm,friday night, Nights from 1900-0700. Drunken females,stroppy males wanting to take on the world after having an Alcopop.waiting hours form plod to turn up on RTCs and assaults.Dodging vomit and fists.
    Deep joy......
  18. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    You obviously haven't seen the power of the modern company car :wink:
  19. Welcome to our world!!

  20. Got none. Done all corse work too. And i just found out that the school are paying for me to do my Gold d of expos as i cant afford to do them as my mum was made redundant the other week so am well chuffed i got funding to do it :D :D . This day cant get any better :wav:

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