Discussion in 'Travel & The Great Outdoors' started by jacko90, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. Got 4 weeks to kill there, anyone got any good suggestions for places to see and things to do???
  2. I'm sure there wil be some born again American religious zealots, or even Mormons, who would be only to glad to have a fine upstanding (snigger, Bangkok = upstanding!!) military person to shout the good shout for 4 weeks.

    Think how deepy personally cleansing it would be for you.

  3. Theres the usual silk farm elephants moving stuff about Temples
    water markets etc etc

    However------the main tourist attraction is shagging

    My last Bangkok visit --lasted 4 days of clean living tourism then it went to rats !

    after 4 weeks you'll be glad to get away for a rest --

  4. I live here full time and it really does depend on what you want to do. Beaches + Diving, Temples + Palaces, Drinking + Shagging. Give me an idea which of the above or even all and I can maybe point you in the right direction.
  5. Are you on on your own,if so get down to Patong Beach and live man ,live!!:blob8:.
  6. You mean be ripped off and beaten up by the Taxi or Jet Ski Mafia.................. There is so much more to Thailand and far better places to live it up.
  7. Bump bump..
  8. Watch out for them "Girly Boys" if you cant tell the differance then just wait til you get a handfull of meat and two veg :-D
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  9. If you get the chance the sea kayaking is a breathtaking experience, you will not regret it.
  10. Visit Manchoman? He's probably got time on his hands these days.

    If you're not confined to Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are worth a few days...
  11. Get an offer from an Elmer to get on his B52 and go bomb Viet Nam.

    Oh sorry, that was during my first visit there....... :oops:
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  12. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Never been to Thailand, but my adventures in Singapore's Crazy Horse taught me you can't tell the differance drunk. I would pick options 2 & 3 Rab C.
  13. If I'm not back in April, Bangkok has me.
  14. Seconded, especially if your gay!
  15. Probably the best place for me to complete my joining routine. I've been visiting Thailand since 1993 and living here full time since 1997.

    If anyone fancies a holiday, give me a shout and I'll point you in the right direction and show you the man traps.

    Firstly, stay well away from Phucket! It's a complete rip off and you may well find yourself in strife with the local mafia/police (pretty much the same thing!).

    Looking for an island getaway without the tourist rip offs/scams try Koh Kood!

    For example
  16. Just get straight in a taxi from the airport to Pattaya! Do not pass go or collect £200, just ask the taxi driver to take you to a place called Soi 6! It's a very pleasant street with a few quiet bars down there, it will ease you into your 'holiday' nicely!

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  17. ^^ ha ha! You'll be made most welcome
  18. Spent a week there with the Amazon in 86. Pretty sure it was the start of the decline of my marriage. If I was to go again I would probably try to avoid patpong 1 and 2. (Red light areas) would really love to get into the cooking scene. Must be a great place to learn to cook real Thai food. An Island getaway would also be on my list.

  19. Patpong 1 & 2 are more tourist rip off areas than red light areas.
    Best places to dringk in Bangkok used to be (long time since I was there now) all off Sukhumvit road.
    Nana Plaza off Soi 4
    Buckskin Joes Alongside the freeway overpass near Soi2
    And Soi Cowboy which is off soi Asoke (which is of Sukhumvit at about soi 19.

    There used to be a cheap drinking hole called Cheap Charlies near the Ambassadore hotel (off soi 4)
    Off course times and places of entertainment change so this could be al

  20. If you lived there then forget/erase post.
    Other than that I need to ask the questions.
    How in gods name or any other deity, did you get to know all the names of streets areas etc whilst visiting on a friggin warship?
    How long where you there?
    Do you drink?
    I have been to Bangkok twice both times for about a week, and I can't even remember the names of the bars never mind having deep meaningful conversations as to areas, streets, or local cuisine.
    I was on the trot in Saigon for weeks and never managed the above. I knew where I was at any given time but to ask for place names streets (ok a few) etc........
    Did you guys have cameras, and parks to visit?:grin::neutral:

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