Thai generals ban go-go dancers

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by SILVER_FOX, Sep 27, 2006.

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  1. An interesting read.

    It seems that all you have to do if you want to get some entertainment organised for the troops is to stage a coup.

    Interesting. :twisted:

    Of course if the Thai's don't want them, we'll take them off their hands.

  2. There's plenty for everyone here Mr Fox, come on down.
    I don't know, go go dancers in the street, an army that kicks out their corrupt strutting premier like a whipped puppy, Singha Beer, great tasty food and you rarely see a chav unless on holiday from UK.
    Now remind me again please why I moved here????
    God I love this place.........
    No one ever had a gogo dancer doing her thing for me when stuck on camels head gate at navy days either... might have stayed in other wise
  3. Have to agree lingyai, plenty for everyone. my oppo and me were both at home for the coup, wanted to go into BKK to see what was happening, wives put the fot down, knew we'd escape to nana. wonder if any one else knows what ling yai means? :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. FlagWagger

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    Big Monkey
  5. Can you just imagine those go-go dancers at Guzz though. Would turn out to be some fat janner oggie eating slappers from Jesters and all the potential rioters would end up throwing up and scattering everywhere. :)
  6. Wow you just sold it to me shippers, I will buy my ticket back to the UK ASAP............. NOT
    I was in Guzz last week and the bitches seem to be getting uglier if that is possible, or maybe I am just spoiled for choice here.
  7. Mmmm...... Guzz or Thailand??? No brainer really and the oggie eaters win without doubt - NOT
  8. Having said that though, can't get a decent oggie out here....
  9. Who wants an oggie, when in bangkok have an ogle.
    Nana plaza, Buckskin Joes, Soi Cowboy. What am I doing sat on my arse in the UK surrounded by Chavs and work dodgers?
  10. Lingyai wrote: Having said that though, can't get a decent oggie out here....

    My heart bleeds purple stuff for you mate. If you're that desperate we can always arrange a delivery. Of course it would have to be a fair exchange for something we want ...

  11. It’s alright Lingi you don’t need to tell is what’s over the horizon, most here have been there. Its ok for a pissi arsed run but there’s no place like home.

    Obviously you’ve never been to Dudley. :wink:

  12. Or Wigan -------------------------- :lol: :lol: :lol:
  13. Get yourself over to Ban Chang just past U-Tapao, theres a couple of bars there that are great, or they were a couple of years back. If you speak Thai they love you.
    Cambodia is real good fun too and the prices are better. The selection of beer there is better too.
    Singh is a vile tasting thing, go for beer Chang cheaper and more potent, I've been told that Tescos in France stocks Chang so I'm hoping to do a trip there soon to get my stocks in for Crimbo.
  14. Wigans a good run ............., really? :roll: I go there once every three thousand years to see my mum, but I'm not sure why. She's never taken me to a night club yet. :cry: However, I'm sure that once she understands that Magners cider tastes better than Guiness, well man, she's bound to come round: :wink: : I think :roll:
  15. Singha is vile? You'll be telling me budweiser is strong next :lol: Was in Guzz a couple of weeks ago and they sell Singha beer in weatherspoons. Shame the birds in there were all fat slags :(
    Personaly I like pretending that I can't speak or read Thai and earwigging conversations, it's amazing the persoanl shit come out with when they think you don't understand. :twisted:
  16. Just gave it some more thought...
    Pro's and Con's Guzz vs Bangkok

    Guzz BKK

    Food 1 1
    Weather 1
    Costs 1
    House prices 1
    Home comforts 1 1
    Traffic 1
    TV 1
    Ladies 1
    Tax dodging 1
    Daily massage 1
    Clothes (46" chest / 18" collar 1

    Not a bad spread really, best thing is to share yourself 60/40, just wish we could have a military coup in UK, come on you buggers still serving, get on wit it, that'll really give the government a kick up the ********!

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