T'grph: Head Of Navy Made Last Minute Plea To Save Harriers

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Nov 14, 2010.

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  1. Ninja_Stoker

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    Re: T'grph: Head Of Navy Made Last Minute Plea To Save Harri

    The apparent general consensus from a cross section of training establishments visited this last week: When all's said & done, is the RN got well & truly battered in the SDSR with 18% manpower losses.

    The political manoeuvring with the withdrawal of the JFH from Afghanistan was an RAF self preservation ploy, so that the RAF could claim the Tornado was operational, despite it being an inferior aircraft for the ground support role, cobbled together from ill-fitting bits & bobs. (The words of a RAF Harrier pilot, not mine)

    One comment I found particularly naive came from senior management who appeared to genuinely believe that the only reason we came off worse was that the Army was let off lightly because it needed a strength of over 100,000 to continue to deploy a fighting force of 10,000 - the "logic" being that the next SDSR will not involve further Navy reducions, but focus on the Army & RAF. Yeah, right. The phrase "cheers easy" springs to mind.
  2. Re: T'grph: Head Of Navy Made Last Minute Plea To Save Harri

    So completely factual and objective then. How's the plumbing for the canon coming along? I believe Harrier jockeys are allowed to marry Commoners now.

    Now there, Sir, you identify one of our major weaknesses. We are stacked to the weather deck with managers with hardly a commander to be seen without optical aids.

    Certainly not the phrase "ease springs".

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