T'graph: SDSR: Military Chiefs Fight Private Education Cuts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Oct 31, 2010.

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  1. Re: T'graph: SDSR: Military Chiefs Fight Private Education C

    So, CEA is neither an "officer's thing" nor a "perk" but they can't resist twisting things to have a snipe, can they?

  2. They had better not get rid of it, I was banking on that so I could continue to send Mini Hill to a bloody decent school.
  3. Sounds a good reason to keep it to me.
  4. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Re: T'graph: SDSR: Military Chiefs Fight Private Education C

    I assume that CEA is a successor to Boarding School Allowance. Looking back over my own schooling, as a direct consequence of my father's drafts I attended 5 primary schools in 7 years which cannot be regarded in any way as having any continuity. For my secondary schooling, I was one of nearly 700 boys, the vast majority of whom were sons of RN personnel (and again more lower deck than wardroom), who attended the Royal Hospital School at Holbrook with BSA paying the bulk of our fees. Personally, I feel that had my secondary education had a similar degree of "stability" as my primary education, then I would have left school with a totally different set of qualifications (if any!) to those I achieved. While some people may see this allowance as a "perk", as someone who has experienced a mobile education as a result of drafty, I feel that its an important element of ensuring that the families of service personnel are not disadvantaged.
  5. Re: T'graph: SDSR: Military Chiefs Fight Private Education C

    Yes, it is the former BSA.

    'more lower deck than wardroom' is not an accurate reflection as the proportion of officers using this allowance is considerably higher than it is for ratings.

    I have little sympathy for families of service personnel being 'disadvantaged'. Families all over the country are being disadvantaged in the current climate, as are people such as myself who are single and living on a pittance despite over 25 years service.

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