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T'graph: Royal British Legion Severs Links With News Of The World Over Phone Hacking



This is turning into a right shit-storm as more of the disgusting activities of the NOW come to light, allegations that certain police officers have accepted large sums of cash for information, now who would have believed that? I have always thought that politicians are shit scared of the media but thankfully they are being forced by public outrage to at last grip the bull by the horns.
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War Hero
Watch out for the politicians to use this as an excuse to tighten down the media laws and thus prevent another expenses scandal type incident from being discovered.


Lantern Swinger
Wonder what they'll say about

"You ******* gopping fat ****; if I find you in the Navy I'll hound you to suicide you howlingly ugly piece of human **** shit."


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Book Reviewer
This is bollocks, the fault lies with the mongs that buy this pish as they created the demand for tittle tattle at any costs, including the morals of the journos.

Much like the Princess Diana thing the public demand created the situation and then when it all goes tits up there is a huge out pouring of digust, aguish etc etc

I am sure that most of the customers of the NOTW are the most outraged, despite their custom of such a rag creating this scenario.


War Hero
Doesn't really matter now- this Sunday is the last NotW.

In name only. The Sun will, in all probability, fill the gap, and I would bet that those who currently work for the NotW will still be employed by Murdoch next week.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
So how long does News International leave it before announcing that it will be publishing a 'brand new' Sunday red top?

Called "The World of News"? Or "The Sunday Sun", perhaps?

And did you know that the domain name was registered two days ago - I wonder what the their plan is? :roll:


War Hero
Doesn't really matter now- this Sunday is the last NotW.

I personaly am glad the pile of shit NOTW has gone BUT am sorry for the workers who will lose there jobs .Whilst the perpatrators keep theres .Through all of this i just hope the murdochs dont get control of sky


War Hero
Super Moderator
I personaly am glad the pile of shit NOTW has gone BUT am sorry for the workers who will lose there jobs .Whilst the perpatrators keep theres .Through all of this i just hope the murdochs dont get control of sky

Unfortunately the next pile of shite will be ready to go. It'll be the NOTW with a different name, same staff, same scruples, same kak printed.


Lantern Swinger
Of course Murdoch will get sky. Wait til September when it's blown over and it will be quietly handed over.


Robert Peston the beebs business reporter almost slipped up and called it the name we all knew'' Nooz of the Screws''.
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