T'graph: Liam Fox: "No room for sentimality in Review"

Some positives - it is the second time in a week he has used the phrase "we must not become sea blind, we are a maritime nation" which is perhaps a good sign.

I think it is a shame he has ruled out completely a merger of any kind, not so much because I think it is an immediate necessity but because the debate about overlap and just how much of that is found in the RAF is an important one and by running scared of the debate before it begins you dodge those questions.

I am also suspicious of the "this has to be big and radical" approach, it seems to be the style that shadow ministers are going for - a tactic to create the impression of a bigger difference to Labour policy than there is perhaps. Also I thought Ainsworth had a point about closer cooperation with countries other than the US, in particular France, I see Fox is ruling out procurement cooperation which is probably wise considering the Eurofighter mess but I hope this atitude doesn't go over into issues of strategic cooperation.

All of this however could be academic depending on the power balance in the cabinet after an election, Boy George has demonstrated a total lack of appreciation for some of the issues Liam Fox mentions here and is seemingly one track minded in a similar way to how Brown was in the Treasury. Let us hope Cameron backs the thinker and not the show man!