T'graph: "Family Rescued By Warship After Iceberg Collision"


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Oh, so they weren't survivors from the Titanic then? You mean there are more than one iceberg?

BZ Clyde.


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BZ Clyde but were not these people lucky that there was one of our very few warships anywhere near?


Re: T'graph: "Family Rescued By Warship After Iceberg Collis

Selfish buggers, the lot of you. Where's your sense of duty?

You could have dropped 'em off in Cape Town. At least that lot in Spain got a ride all the way back home.
My boy is on the Clyde and he rang last night telling me about it all.

They went full steam in a sea state 4 to get there and rescued the people then he is told to man his gun and sink the liferafts as they are a hazard to shipping etc.

So he thinking this will be a bit of alright as I have finally got something real to shoot at , and he blows the shit out of these liferafts and as he finishes he looks up and all the family are in tears as they watch there hard earned cash blown to bits by Jack !!
The only problem now is that the ship is now full of Visitors, scientists and civvies, as they were meant to drop the visitors and boffins of in South Georgia !!

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