I am currently writing an article about a WW2 era TGM ,CPO TGM Sydney Cecil Kay DSM and could do with some more info about how he would have serviced and prepared his MK8 torpedoes aboard a WW2 era boat.Sid crossed the bar over ten years ago so I can't ask him.
Sydney Kay was awarded the DSM (London Gazette 15/9/42) with 7 of his shipmates whilst serving on TURBULENT "For courage and skill in successful submarine patrols". The citation is held under ADM 1/12343 in the National Archive, also some patrol reports for TURBBULENT in ADM 199/1848.
I have a copy of a interview he gave to the Newport Maritime Trust on camcorder in 1988.I also have a copy of his unofficial log.He talks abbot his time on Turbulent but he never really gets into the more mundane parts of the job looking after and preparing the MK8** torpedo.
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