Texts to deter illegal migrants

How about being frogmarched to the south coast, given a set of fins and told to swim for it.
Text my arse, how pathetic.
Couldn't agree more Ling - complete waste of time - whats to stop them deleting message / throwing phone away / swapping sim card??????????
" . . make life uncomfortable and constrained . . ." oh, that's okay then - I'm sure they'll be straight onto the ferries once they feel a bit uncomfortable! :roll:

Inbox - "Hi, srry 2 distrb u m8. U hv bn in UK 2 long - plz lve. Prtty plz?"

Don't these dingbats know that you can buy new mobile 'phones with a different number?


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Maybe we should offer them £2500, a new suit for interviews back home, housing grants to help them get settled back in the old country, Tax credits (because apparently their families doen't even have to live here to qualify) and an iPod.

Maybe that would cover it.

a complete waste of time I reckon - and whose going to foot the bill for the texts????
and whose going to pay for the 'phone - or is it another freebie perk??


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How the hell will they know which number to sent it to? Im sure an II will NOT be on a contract phone, and there is no need to register a pay as you go phone. Im sure that one of the questions they ask in NOT "Excuse me plse may I ask if you are an II?" I can see the person answering yes to that