Texting Troubles

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Aug 2, 2007.

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  1. I have a O2 pay as you go moby....of late am having trouble sending and reciveing texts... some even take days to get to me and I'm getting irate phones of "" your ignoring me"".. sometimes i cant even send messages..
    Yet other times theres no delay at all.......
    so question is......... Is it my moby......... or the service provider.

    (cuz it cant poss be me........lol)
  2. What area are you in?

    I'm on O2 and don't seem to have any connection problems in Gosport, but I spent last week in Sussex and had severe problems with my O2 connection.
  3. im in guzz( for my sins) always have been.... always will be......
  4. With O2, it seems that there are areas with bad coverage, depending on where the masts are sited.

    If you are surrounded by a lot of hills, you may get a poor signal - what sort of service do your friends get who on other providers?
  5. What did we do before mobile phone technology? Personally I believe they are more anti-social than social which is why I refuse to own one.

  6. What he said.....
  7. I was in the same mind as you lads.. untill my child had a rather bad accident at school........... As i was at my mothers and they could not get hold of me....... so now i have a moby phone......... yes i think they are more trouble than they are worth... But will not be with out mine now..........
  8. Good to hear Stirling. That makes two in the entire country. I even know people who own two or three mobiles!! ... Wife, Girlfriend and Mates ... must get confusing though.

    Sorry to hear about the accident Josie and I understand why you would want one now. I'm still holding out though - no one is going to fry my brain ... much more than it already is.

  9. A geezer who frequented my local dealt in high end motors.....his ''office'' was two mobiles, one for incoming and one for outgoing so he never missed a deal, he personally delivered motors all over the country and would park said motors outside the pub to make us eat our livers.
  10. FWIW JC me and the Mrs are both on O2 and live in Guzz. Both on Pay Monthly.
    Sometimes we are sitting in the same room and she'll text me something silly like "Oi, Tea!" (Bless!) and I won't get it for a couple of hours, other times its instant.
  11. ... You don't get the message or the tea for a couple of hours?

  12. is your wife a bit lazy ? why does JC have to make your tea ? :3some:
  13. Or is it some kink thing - nudge nudge - Josie naked serving tea ????

  14. Mmmm, now THAT would be a feat! ;)
  15. ... mmm ... I expect she'd quite like that ... I know I would ... :thumright:
  16. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    you will never know.................
  17. Who will never know?
  18. I know nuffink :w00t:
  19. me neither, that's why I asked

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