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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by angrydoc, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. I haven't had a proper rant for a while, and I have just been hacked off by reading another thread here.

    Why do people (usually those who are thinking of joining or have just joined) insist on either SHOUTING IN THEIR POSTS or typing n lwr cse n wht cd be dscrbd as txt spk?

    In case these people hadn't realised - a PC is not a mobile phone. It has a full keyboard and no 144-character limit, so you can type words properly and use basic grammar.

    If you're asking for advice, then ask properly!

    And no - I'm not an old fart, just a pedant!

    End of rant.
  2. I agree whole heartedly with you doc, but perhaps you should go and have a sit down now, try and lower your blood pressure a bit :wink:
  3. Dear. Angrydoc.
    It has come to my attention that I too have become lazy with the Queens English. I fully intend to correct this.
    Yours most sincerly

  4. oWch thatt ert mi membrana tympanica
  5. Check you out Bergen....... Big words there...........
    And Olive oil is good for ear ache.......

  7. Modern education is a wonderful thing. If I'm Thatcher's child and the above 'example' (naming no names) is that of Blair's child, I may have to reform my opinion of the battered old hag.
  8. He doesn't say when he finishes uni :D
  9. Ha! I'm sure his joint honours degree in Pet Food Advertising and the History of Laundry from the University of Walsall will serve him well both in and out of the Royull Nayvee.
  10. i m in ttl agrmt wiv u m8

    Seriously though, I haven't worked out whether it's ignorance, lack of consideration, bad education or just laziness.

    Probably all 4.
  11. Definitely bad education and laziness. I bet they watch Big Brother :twisted:
  12. hey you really scared me then Chalky until I realised that I'm too old to be Thatcher's child! Call me Harold Wilson's child if you like and I'll be driving the 2335 night Riviera sleeper for Penzance pulling out of platform 1 at Paddington ...

    when you get there this is waiting for you ...

  13. Ear drums better now mate??
  14. No, no, no, no, no....! You've got it all wrong! It NOT English at all... it's Espresso... the new language of the coffee and text messaging generation.
  15. hey angry doc, if you think that text speak is bad you havn't seen nothing.
    i've included an example of how bad it can get.

    ite m8 wuu2? wubu2?,i'm wrkin atm, wbu? lol i cant remember lst nite, it was gr8, lmfao. tb.

    and now for those of you who can't understand that here it is in the queens english

    hello mate, what you up to? wat you been up to? i'm workin at the moment, wat about you? laugh out loud i cannot remember last night, it was great, laughing my f**king arse off. text back

    and by the way i am currently joining i left education in 2004 and uasally text language is only used when you are in a rush or a lazy b**tard :lol:
  16. I don't know about your text but your Queens English bears little resemblance to official Queens English
  17. So Yozza, you've translated text speak to Queen's English have you?

    No you haven't. If you left education in 2004 I suggest you fuck off back to school and start again.

    Whilst you're at it, follow this link. http://www.queens-english-society.com/
  18. At last a cry for decent spelling and English!Nice one Angry.

    P.s. Is tonight Ok Josephine?LOL
  19. ooooh matron............................
  20. Currently on the website. the school always said i was being taught the queens english, why did they lie? :mad:
    That also means the gcse's are messed up because I got a double "B" in english.

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