Texas man foils robbery in Liverpool

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by R094V1-George, Aug 25, 2006.

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  1. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    A crime in Liverpool you say!!!

    I don't belive it, those bin dippers would never steal, they are loveably rouges with there sense of humour.
  2. How long will it take before some scouser pops up to announce that the thieves were all Mancs on a day trip?
  3. Liverpool - Crime - Thieving - Scousers. Nah, don't believe it. Must be a reporter from the Sun trying to stitch them up again.

    Shit, where have my hubcaps gone. :)
  4. Christ - I knew the Americans were watching us but I didn't realise just how serious they were about it.

    Go Team America - World Police!!
  5. "We see you when you're sleeping...
    We know when you're awake..
    We know if you've been bad or good..
    So be good for goodness sake!"
  6. Now that was funny.
  7. I'm not laughing.

  8. SILVER_FOX, if it will put your mind at ease, that webcam is hosted by Hardy's Bar on Matthews St., and is available to ANYBODY who wants to see it. Go to www.matthews st.com/webcam.php

    Better yet, go to goandroam.com. It has a directory of cams all over the world just like it.

    Nothing sinister. He was either:
    A) A Beatles nut who wanted to crack one out over the sacred ground, or

    B)A voyeur perv who wanted to crack one out over a drunk couple doing the horizontal bone-dance on the hood of a mini.

    Seems to me, some one should give the man a pat on the back for doing the decent thing, even though he wasn't obligated to.
  9. Any more posts accusing scousers of being tea leaves and we will have to send Boris Johnson to apologise on our behalf.
    Personally I reckon Boris was 100% right

  10. I think the link gave it away - where I got it from :roll:

  11. LIVERPOOL people are the finest people I have ever met ... They must be with all you PISS TAKERS about ????
  12. Ah! Liverpool...Cheeky Funny Scousers.....Hilarious Stan Boardman, you never get tired of his "the Germans bombed our chip shop" joke..

    The fine upstanding people of that fair city are running protection rackets, providing "security" to the building sites in preparation for 2008 City of Culture..(serious!)....It's a bit like giving Lebanon "Holiday Destination of the Year!"

    So now that they have stopped stealing cars, theiving anything in sight, they are now holding reconstruction projects to ransome for protection money....Class!!

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