Test time limit applys to all forces?

Hello, my names ben i took the navy aptitude test in march and failed! As you know you have to wait a year to re-take the test. Ive decided now i want to apply for the army, am i right in thinking that i can apply for the army now and take the test say in a couple of weeks? I would of thought they are completley seperate but can someone please clarify this. Cheers


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When i did mine the Army recruiter was waiting in the waiting room for all those who had failed asking if they wanted to join the Army instead.

I can only assume that you can go straight in and apply to the Army. Before you rush down to your AFCO :walk: why dont you speak to your RN Advisor about the areas in which you failed in. Ask him if you got enough to do anything else rather than your first choice. I dont know where you live but have you thought about joining the RNR (RN's version of the TA) that way you could get a real insight into wether the RN is for you? You might have got enough points to joing the RNR i dont know. Failing is disapointing but you can always turn it into a positive by learning from where you failed. :violent2:


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Ben, you can apply for the RN, RAF & Army simultaneously if you wish!

There is no problem sitting the Army test, but it is 12 months before you may re-take the RN/RM test from initially sitting the RN/RM test.

Good luck!

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