Test Team Trawlers

On ANZAC Day, the 25th April 1940, three Anti-Submarine Trawlers were all sunk on the same day.

They were HMS Bradman FY 189, HMS Hammond FY 149 and HMAS Larwood FY 172 were all sunk by German aircraft. Three days later on 30th April, HMS Jardine FY169 was lost.

These small ships carried the names of players in the England v Australia cricket matches of 1932-33 known as the bodyline series for the type of bowling then introduced.

All four of the trawlers went down fighting, as stated above the first three by German aircraft attack, and Jardine being scuttled after being damage by German aircraft off Norway. Hammond was raised by the germans and sereved in the Kreigsmarine as V6115/Salier.

I wonder if the German pilots shouted HOWZAT!
Bradman, Larman and Jardine were also salvaged by the Germans and renamed Freise, Franke and Cherusker respectively. Remarkably, there don't seem to have been any lives lost although Skipper S.J. Cory RNR of Jardine was wounded.
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