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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by richards8610, Oct 5, 2010.

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  1. Just done the practice questions on the website. Scored 32/36 (about 88%).

    Just wondering if this is considered a good score or an average score?
  2. I suppose on average, it's quite good.

  3. :thumbleft:
  4. You got 4 questions wrong. Did you just come on here to blag about how well you did and prove that you can work out percentages.
    It's absolutely average.
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The only problem with the practice test book is the person using it.

    Those that follow the instructions rigidly will appreciate that the actual recruiting test is 120 questions in 44 minutes, so time is most definitely of the essence as the questions are not that difficult when taken at a leisurely pace.

    Time and again you will hear of individuals complaining that the practice tests are not representative of the test, whilst neglecting to add they completed only half a dozen of the example questions over a half hour period whilst supping a can of Boddintons, smoking a tab & watching the X Factor. The 'real thing' tends to be a little more "intense" & those unwise enough to feel complacent invariably have 12 months in which to contemplate their ill-founded glibness whilst awaiting a re-sit.
  6. 88% is not good enough for CT and well as ninja states when there is more questions, and less time oh and the added nerves may also cause a hiccup or two
  7. I agree with the sentiment often expressed that the practice tests are not really representative. The actual test is a bigger obstacle.

    I was a little uncertain about two of the questions for "choose the word that best fits in the blank space" (I think it was the very last two), because I felt there were two possible answers in both instances.

    Oh and I got a maths question wrong (and realised it afterwards).

    There were probably other questions I got wrong and wasn't aware of. If you're not used to extensive reading/thinking spatially etc etc then you will probably struggle on some questions. I took mine in a room full of people. Some were dismissed outright but most scraped through.

    It really depends on what branch you want. If you want a technical one then you'd probably best do well, although others are far better qualified to comment on this than I am, it must be said.
  8. I did the questions off the website in good time (around 10 mins), I know there are more questions and a harsher time to complete them in than on the website, plus as mentioned by raffer, the nerves will probably play their part.
  9. when is your test richards8610?
  10. next wednesday morning
  11. yeah im going for CT, i was just stating that 88% is not a pass mark for CT the poster doesnt state what he is going for, just says is it good so i gave my opinion
  12. cheers mate i thought u was gonna lay into me then like most on here take pleasure in doing, i maybe shouldnt have said my first post about CT, but as its one of the hardest trades to get into and the RT Scores arent public i just thought it would let the poster know that on his current scores the option of CT would be unavailable
  13. I'm going for NA (AH), but they told me at the AFCO that if I do alright in the test that AET or AC may be a better option.

    The wait for NA(AH) is huge (42 months), which is crazy, but i'd be more than willing to wait. I do have a great deal of interest in AET and AC but NA(AH) caught my attention most.
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Each to their own with regard job choice.

    We would certainly advise that you choose the one that appeals the most, regardless of the waiting times. Best of luck.
  15. Would you not also advise someone who scores significantly higher than required for their chosen job that other jobs - perhaps in the same vein - may be more suitable?
  16. The way i'm going to look at it is, if the test results say that NA(AH) wouldn't stretch me to the best of my abilty, I would happily do either of the other two jobs I mentions earlier and try to get the best out of my capabilities.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    There's two schools of thought on that one.

    We must discuss with the candidate the range of jobs avaiilable, given their score & their branch related related attributes. In fact we (careers advisers) must sign a bit of paper (S3049) to confirm the applicant is aware of jobs availlable to them.

    Some feel they must strongly recommend a more technical trade to those with higher scores than those required for their preferred branch or indeed academic qualifications. Others (me included) feel it's the individuals choice once in possession of the facts with regard jobs & differing pay.

    I've no qualms recruiting a graduate as a rating if that's what they want to do. That said, you'll always get numpties demanding to know why the hell a careers adviser let "an obvious officer" join as a rating because they don't realise that qualifications alone don'y make an officer & very often the individual wants to work their way up with "hands-on" experience.

    One RM Other Rank intake of 55 had 17 graduates, a year or so back & a further 6 were also qualified to join as Officers in the same troop. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ratings serving who scored much higher in the recruiting test than their commissioned officer line managers, but it doesn't mean they would make better officers.

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