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I'm sitting a psychometric test soon and I was wondering about afterwards, when they present you with a list of jobs you scored high enough to do. Do they still offer you Royal Marine Commando even if you didn't first apply to become one of those (provided you scored high enough)?

Thank you!


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When I sat mine they just said "You scored high enough for your chosen branch". And those that didn't were given branches they did score high enough for.

That was over a year ago, though.


StixJimboRM said:
ryan1234 said:
I guess there wouldn't be any harm asking even if I do score high enough for the AET job?

If you want to join the RM why didn't you apply for it?

I didn't really look into it when I first applied to the Navy as I didn't really know much about them apart from the famous 30 miler test. - That seemed pretty daunting as I didn't have a clue about the build up towards that and the other tests. I've been looking into them for a while since the presentation I watched at my local careers office. I would like to give it a try as my fitness is pretty good and the job looks interesting.