Lantern Swinger
For anyone who would like to re-visit Test Pilot (1986) TV Series, the full episode synopsis is below. Please enjoy the show.

Test Pilot (1986) S01E01 – Course No. 44 – Aired 1st December 1986– Instruction begins for the military test pilots in Fixed Wing Course 44 and Rotary Wing Course 23 and Empire Test Pilot's School.

Test Pilot (1986) S01E02 – High Speed, Low Level – Aired 8th December 1986 - The students test various failure scenarios, including cabin pressure failure, engine failure, and a helicopter's 'avoid curve'.

Test Pilot (1986) S01E03 – We Never Use The Word Dangerous – Aired 15th December 1986 - The students try out the dangerous - and normally forbidden - art of spinning and then recovering in an aircraft.

Test Pilot (1986) S01E04 – On Trial – Aired 5th January 1987 - Students begin actual test-flying and writing definitive reports.

Test Pilot (1986) S01E05 – Finals – Aired 12th January 1987 - The students head out to air fields in America, Scotland, and England to do their preview flights and write up final reports.

Test Pilot (1986) S01E06 – The Right Stuff – Aired 19th January 1987 - Students give their final joint presentations and the graduation dinner is held.