Test case against MOD by TA Reservist

I despise compensation culture from scrounging scumbags but this man has a case. You could argue that he volunteered but suitable compensation should be forthcoming for medical bills etc.
How do you stand when you volunteer to go to war and want to be compensated when you get fcuked up? Not sure.


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I thought the rule was no discharge from service unless medically fit. Mate of mine spent an extra month mobilised because of a knee injury.
BeerBad said:
I thought the rule was no discharge from service unless medically fit. Mate of mine spent an extra month mobilised because of a knee injury.
Good point, well presented, forgot about that one.
Anyone??? Medics???
That rule doesn't really apply indefinitely. In some cases they reach a point where they can do nothing else and discharge knowing that the injury remains.

Strictly speaking the MOD is obligated to pay reservists the difference between standard pay at their rank and what they would earn in civvy street. In this case that's a hell of a lot by the looks of it. Generally the level of pension should be higher to reflect this.

If proven against the MOD (re being abandoned and having to pay for his own medical treatment), then this is bloody worrying indeed and I hope they have to pay out big time and that someone is called to account for it.



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An interesting one - if he was full time, presumably he would have got a war pension or whatever it is called these days which would have covered his loss of earnings, albeit on a lower salary! I do sympathise with this chap - despite the flack reservists inevitably come in for as 'part-timers' the reserves exist because they are a cheap option for the MoD. I remember a figure of 1/7th the cost of a full-time equivalent being waved around some time back. If the MoD chooses to try to save money in this way, they are sometimes going to have to front up when things go wrong. I don't buy "he knew what he was signing up for" arguments. We all know/knew, but we still expect support, and why should he risk losing his home and his no-doubt hard-earned lifestyle because he was one of the good ones prepared to give something back?
I'm not saying the MoD shold fork out whenever a reservist says they'd have got more money in civvie street, but I do believe a duty of care exists. Could we really function without reservists these days? If they don't believe they and their families will be looked after if they are hurt or killed while serving then they're not going to stick around are they?
It's a tough one to call, and obviously the sort of issue that can only be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, but as we use reservists more now that we have for many decades, I doubt this will be the last of these that we see.
Brains - now that is interesting. Of course he will probably end up with a much higher payment and pension than the average service person who experiences similar or, God forbid, worse circumstances and all because he was worth more in civvy street.

By doing this they will effectively be saying exactly that. Fair? No way. I wouldn't begrudge our Strawberry friend under these circumstances but I do feel that our guys deserve much better all round.

We seem to be one of the few western countries who don't go to greater lengths for our service people, Shame on our leaders and the penny pinching greys in the MOD.

Think if the MOD get away with this -------abandoned at Hospital and then no bed available ------ then no compensation etc etc.

The reserve lists will be getting a bit thinned out -----------what an outfit we need you to be in a danger zone--if you get mashed you won't get looked after cos your a civvy .

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