Tesco's can [email protected] off

When I go shopping I expect a till troll to bleep my items through, I shouldn't have to use self service. In all honesty they should pack my bags and if I was female take them to the car for me.
Self service tills help line their pockets, whilst taking me four times longer to use and has my shopping got any cheaper? No so [email protected] off I will be served like it or not [email protected]


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Merlin28 said:
Blackrat said:
Don't use the self service tills then. Problem solved.
They tried to force me last night whilst they were all shelf stacking which is what sparked it off.
In that case, i advise the JonnoJonno method of settling a problem. Windmilling followed by extreme violence. Every little helps.
If they try and tell you you 'have' to use self service, then just leave your trolly there and say "bollox, i'll go to Asda instead" and walk away leaveing them to empty the trolly and put it all back.
I don't see the problem with these self service checkouts really. It has made stealing from large supermarkets so much easier now. All I have to do these days is scan a couple of cheap items, then stick the expensive bottles of rum and the like in another bag that is on the floor. Hey presto I can walk out safe in the knowledge that it all looks legit. If I get stopped by security for a bag search, I can simply say the self service machine must've fcuked up.
At B+Q last month got 4 items , needed the arseistant 6 times, barcode not recognised/readable/discount voucher and plastic.

Tescos, cannot get brainpain pills at a self serve till,without some spotty Herbert OKing it

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